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Checking in with Mount Royal alumni: Randell Hahn

Randell HahnYour name, program and year of graduation at MRU.
Randell Hahn, Bachelor of Business Administration, 2010

Describe your career path in 50 words or fewer.
I began a wealth management practice after graduating. After four years, I transitioned to oil and gas sales. Two years later, I was named to my current role of Director, Business Development, at SPAN Consulting.

What three words describe your student experience at MRU?
Useful, fun, aromatic.

What was the most important course you took at MRU and why?
I took all the speech classes I could and they were important. Having to talk in front of people is difficult for most. Speech gave me skills to approach it systematically. Now I speak in front of people every day and it is part of what separates me from my competition.

How have you invested in your community after MRU?
I volunteer coach for my high school alma mater. I focus on the athletes; sports are invaluable in teaching life skills. And sports are an amazing forum for competing, working with a team and communicating. Some of my friends are players that I coached.

What is the best piece of advice you received at MRU that helped you prepare for your career?
During the Sales class, Don Haidey advised me not to be too smooth during sales presentations. I always remembered that.

What is your claim to fame?
I am a great dad.

What do you miss most about being a student?
I miss the free time. Everything else is better.