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True Blue Awe-inspiring Alumni: Meghan Bowden

Alumni Meghan Bowden

Your name, program & year of graduation at MRU?
Meghan Bowden, Bachelor of Arts—Sociology '12

Your career path in 140 character or less...(Twitter style)?
Since graduating from MRU, I've been working for the Government of the Northwest Territories in my hometown, Yellowknife, developing policy for social programs such as student financial assistance, and income assistance.

What do you miss most about being a student?
I miss the sense of community amongst other students, and having shared learning experiences. I also miss the professors for their guidance, knowledge and enthusiasm.

What was the most important course you took at MRU & why?
My first semester at MRU during Fall 2008 I took the Sociology course Theories of Race & Ethnicity with Tracy Nielsen. Tracy changed my life, and not just because I ended up with a Sociology degree. Tracy was incredibly passionate, dedicated and demonstrated how powerful solidarity can be. She helped me become critical about the world we live in by questioning and challenging the systems and institutions around us. As an Inuk person, it's evident how Indigenous people in Canada do not have equitable opportunities, or access, and with my education I can help ameliorate the situation from inside the system. If it weren't for Tracy, I wouldn't be who I am today while pursuing social justice.

Describe how you have made a difference in your community after graduating from MRU?
My biggest aspiration is to make people's lives easier, and by developing and implementing policies for social programs that help those in need I am able to influence a system. Once people have the tools and resources to take care of themselves and their families, things like autonomy, health and well-being, and education become priorities that are easier to obtain.

What is the best piece of advice you received at MRU that helped prepare you for your career?
Challenge yourself.

What is your claim to fame?
Returning to my home community to make a difference in the North.