Welcome new alumni

If you completed your studies at Mount Royal University within the last three years, you are considered new alumni. We are pleased to welcome you to the Mount Royal University Alumni Association (MRUAA).

Mount Royal Alumni: a lifelong connection

Whether you are continuing your studies at another institution, looking for employment, starting a brand new job, taking the next step in your career or heading off on another personal endeavor, please keep Alumni Relations in the loop by updating your address on Alumni Online or calling us at 403.440.7000. You can also reach us toll free at 1.866.441.6101 or e-mail alumni@mtroyal.ca.

You are now entitled to all of the Alumni Benefits & Services enjoyed by Mount Royal University alumni. Keep checking in as we are continuously working to expand and improve the benefits and services that we offer to our alumni.

Career Services

You will find our extensive Career Services section to be very useful. For more professional connections, be sure to log in to Alumni Online to find other alumni in your area of study. This free chat area will enable you to connect with other alumni from your class as well as alumni in your field who may be willing to share their experiences and offer some great professional advice.

Return to Alumni Online often, as more and more alumni join our virtual community.

Convocation information

The Mount Royal University Alumni Association (MRUAA) offers framing services at convocation ceremonies in Jun. and Nov. In addition the MRUAA sponsors the annual Grad Send Off event to get acquainted with graduates as you embark on your transition from student to alumni. To volunteer as a framer at convocation or at the Grad Send Off event, please email alumni@mtroyal.ca for details.


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