Centennial Archives

The Centennial Archives

As we celebrated, we also took the time to reflect back. We began the Mount Royal Archives, which is a collection of special items that each has a unique tie to the university.


From 1911–1941, The Mount Royal Chinook yearbook helped to promote student life and school spirit at the fledgling college.


Designed by Group of Seven artist A.J. Casson, two scrolls were created to commemorate the service of Mount Royal's staff and students during the Second World War.


Member of the order of Canada and renowned teacher and composer Leonard Leacock is remembered long after penning his final note.


One of the oldest artifacts in the collection is this 1903 Singer sewing machine which belonged to Emily Kerby.



The University's archives include a set of sketchbooks by one of Alberta's most influential female artists, Marion Nicoll.



These beautiful, hand-painted glass lantern slides were created by renowned local botanist William Copeland McCalla.


The prestigious Henry Birks and Sons Gold Medal was given each year from 1935 to 1985.


In the 1950s athletic jackets were popular. The Archives' collection includes a blue and a red one.


This painting of Mount Royal founder George W. Kerby is one of two paintings — circa 1930 — by John Wycliffe Lowes Forster.


This advertising scrapbook features clippings of a variety of Mount Royal ads from 1940 to 1951.


This hand-stitched tapestry was created by Margaret Lamb Carrick in 1935. It currently hangs in the university boardroom.


This is the official document that started it all — the Act to Incorporate Mount Royal College, dated Dec. 16, 1910.


This hand-calligraphed scroll was commissioned in 1914 to commemorate the service and sacrifice of Mount Royal students, alumni and employees in the First World War.


Long before iPods, discmen or even walkmen, Mount Royal's student body loved their music so much everyone chipped in to buy a phonograph — the year? 1920.


This Burroughs Adding Machine was built in 1919. It was once used by accounting and secretarial students.

This sterling silver cup with antler handles is one of the oldest pieces in the Mount Royal Archive collection. It was commissioned in 1912.
These beautiful stained glass windows honour founding members of the Mount Royal Board of Governors and were first installed in the 1950s.
This shovel was used to break ground on Mount Royal's Lincoln Park Campus on June 24, 1970.
This 1896 Paragon scope and 44 stereogram cards are studied in today's classes

This Underwood No. 5 typewriter model was used for many years at Mount Royal by both students and staff.


China painting was offered at Mount Royal from 1911 until 1931.