February 2016
When Monica Schmidt sat down with Mary Fenwick to collaborate on a creative writing adventure that would have Schmidt pen a narrative on Fenwick’s life, she never expected to form such a strong bond with her new creative collaborator.
“Twitter is helping disseminate research, information and knowledge that historians are creating. It can influence policy and contemporary debate in ways the publishing a book that sits in a library, or scholarly article that lives in a journal — that, let’s face it, the majority of people don’t see — just can’t,” explains Professor Jarett Henderson.
The Mount Royal University community is mourning the loss of its fifth president.
More than just a place to get books, the Mount Royal Library is a place where ideas are born, conversations are started and the campus community connects.
Frank is the physical manifestation of the “elephant in the room” that bullying often is. Bright pink, life-sized and hard to miss, Frank is a bit of an enigma because even though he appears in classrooms, sports fields and arenas, workplaces and just about everywhere else, nobody talks about him.