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Campus Development Committee Charter

Name of Committee:                                           Campus Development  Committee

Name of Committee Sponsor:                           Board of Governors

Date:                                                                        June 2015


The purpose of the Campus Development Committee is to assist the Board of Governors to provide oversight of the University’s buildings, facilities and infrastructure to meet the educational, environmental, social, cultural and economic needs of the University. The Committee will do so by monitoring, evaluating and recommending to the Board of Governors significant priority facility and infrastructure matters of the University, including principles, planning and policies, in accordance with, provincial legislation, the University’s mandate, strategic vision and relevant policies and procedures.


The Committee has the authority to:

  • Monitor and review the Campus Master Plan to ensure it continues to support Mount Royal’s overall mission and strategic direction and make recommendations to the Board of Governors on changes to the plan;
  • Recommend to the Board of Governors major capital projects, including the project plans and associated business plans and budgets for consideration and final approval by the Board of Governors;
  • Recommend to the Board of Governors major polices related to capital projects and campus facility planning;
  • Maintain oversight with respect to on-going capital projects;
  • Receive reports and updates from administration on the status of existing projects and plans for new projects;
  • Review and give strategic direction on overall design concepts and preliminary design concepts for major capital projects;
  • Review project cost estimates, revenue sources, and/or funding strategies;
  • Review and provide direction on strategic facility and campus planning issues;
  • Semi-annually review major deferred maintenance master list and approve annual spending plans and project priorities.


At least five (5) Board members including the Board Chair (ex-officio) and President (ex-officio).


The Chair will be a public member of the Mount Royal University Board of Governors.

Term of office:

The term of office for all members of the Committee shall be one year, ending on the date of the Board’s first regular meeting in the academic year.


The quorum shall consist of a simple majority of voting members.

Expected Conduct:

An important expectation for committee members is one of confidentiality. It is important that each member of the committee be encouraged to share his or her thoughts, concerns and opinions with the committee, and that those thoughts be held in the strictest confidence by the entire Committee. The Committee shall also strive to operate (whenever possible) by consensus rather than by majority rule. The Committee may establish procedures and policies for the conduct of its meetings, including preparation of agendas and recording of minutes as determined by the Committee from time to time.

The Committee may choose to hold meetings via teleconference and use email to facilitate making decisions.

Expected Activities:

The Committee will make recommendations to the Board of Governors with respect to:

  • The strategic direction for development of the University’s facilities (Campus Master Plan).
  • The acquisition, construction, and maintenance of buildings, facilities, and infrastructure on the University campus and of facilities and accommodation off-site.
  • Approval of policies affecting facilities and/or property matters.

Further, the Committee Chair or designate will have oversight of any consultants and projects involved in campus planning.

The Committee will approve the appointment of prime consultants, prime contractors and construction managers for all approved projects with total project budgets in excess of $6 million.

The Committee will work closely with the Finance Committee and will advise the Finance Committee with respect to timing and financing of major capital projects. Business Plans for major projects must be routed through the Finance Committee for a recommendation prior to approval by the Board.


The Committee will report, providing the appropriate level of detail, to the full Board at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Governors following each Committee meeting.


The Office of the University Secretariat will provide administrative support. The Director of the University Secretariat shall serve as a resource and the Board Secretary will act as recording secretary for this Committee. The Vice-President, Administrative Services, Associate Vice-President, Facilities Management, and other administration staff will also serve as resources as required. Budget to cover meeting expenses, photocopying and other related activities will be housed in the Office of the University Secretariat.


The records of the Committee’s decisions shall be maintained by the Office of the University Secretariat in the form of correspondence related to those decisions, legal documents, and/or minutes of meetings as appropriate.


This is a standing committee of the Board of Governors.

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