By-laws and Striking Committee (BSC)

Terms of Reference

  • Recommend changes to By-laws that would expedite or improve GFC proceedings to the General Faculties Council
  • Periodically review the GFC By-laws and governance practices of GFC and its committees and make recommendations to the Executive Committee, as appropriate
  • Recommend changes to the committee structure and committee membership to the GFC
  • Recommend a slate of candidates for:
    • Speaker, Deputy Speaker and Secretary of GFC
    • all Standing Committees of GFC
    • GFC representatives for other committees where GFC representation is required
  • Advise other GFC committees or councilors on technical matters pertaining to changes in or interpretation of the By-laws
  • Recommend proposed changes in any other documents which directly affect the work of the GFC to the GFC for possible conveyance to the Board of Governors.

Meeting Schedule

Thursday, Oct. 12, 20174:00 p.m.University Board RoomPDF
Thursday, Nov. 15, 20174:00 p.m.University Board RoomPDF
Thursday, Mar. 8, 20184:00 p.m.University Board RoomPDF
Thursday, Apr. 25, 20181:30 p.m.University Board RoomTBD

Additional meetings may be scheduled at the call of the Chair.


Lesley Brown
Provost and Vice-President, Academic
Heather McLellan
Associate Professor, School of Nursing and Midwifery
Speaker, GFC
Rob Platts
Associate Professor, Interior Design
Deputy Speaker, GFC
Phil Warsaba
Associate Vice-President, Enrolment Management and Registrar
Secretary, GFC
Cordelia Snowdon
Vice-President, Academic, SAMRU
Student Councillor
Pearl Herscovitch
Chair, Library
Faculty Councillor
Scott Murray
Associate Professor, Humanities
Faculty Councillor
Brenda Lang
Instructor, General Management, HR and Aviation
Faculty Councillor
Jane O'Connor
Director, Governance and Legal Services
Kathy Homer
Governance Assistant, GFC
Recording Secretary

For further information, contact:

Kathy Homer


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