Research and Scholarship Standing Committee (RSSC)

Terms of Reference

  • Review annually the Institution’s Strategic Research Plan and provide advice on its contents, objectives, and orientation
  • Consider and review, as required, existing research related policies and propose new one, if necessary, and provide advice on their content, interpretation, and implementation
  • Provide a forum where new research, scholarly initiatives and ideas can be discussed and reviewed in an inter-disciplinary context
  • Provide, through its members, an internal communication mechanism built on the existing institutional structure to broadly communicate information concerning research, funding opportunities, institutional research initiatives, and the like
  • Establish, as required, sub-committees to address emerging issues as they relate to research, creative, and scholarly activities and develop proposals for addressing them.

Meeting Schedule

Tuesday, Sept. 5, 20174:00 p.m.University Board RoomPDF
Tuesday, Oct. 3, 20174:00 p.m.University Board RoomPDF
Tuesday, Nov. 14, 20174:00 p.m.University Board RoomPDF
Tuesday, Dec. 19, 20174:00 p.m.University Board RoomPDF
Tuesday, Jan. 30, 20184:00 p.m.University Board RoomPDF
Tuesday, Mar. 13, 20184:00 p.m.University Board RoomPDF
Tuesday, Apr. 17, 20184:00 p.m.University Board RoomTBD


Mike Quinn
Associate Vice-President, Research, Scholarship and Community Engagement
Ex officio, Chair RSSC
Dwayne Sheehan
Faculty of Health, Community and Education
GFC Member at Large
Anupam Das
Faculty of Arts
Faculty Member
Kendra Hart
Faculty of Business and Communication Studies
Faculty Member
Gladys Sterenberg
Faculty of Health, Community and Education
Faculty Member
Gwen O'Sullivan
Faculty of Science and Technology
Faculty Member
David Ohreen
Faculty Member
Cari Merkley
University Library
Faculty Member
Michael Huston
Student Affairs and Campus Life
Jennifer Pettit
Faculty of Arts
Dean's Council Representative
Cynthia Gallop
Chair, Human Research Ethics Board
Faculty Member
Melissa Deane
Manager, Research, Scholarship and Community Engagement
Ex officio (non-voting)
Lori Wormington
Finance Designate
Ex officio (non-voting)
Meagan Bowler
Interim University Librarian
Ex officio
Ray De Paul
Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Institute Director
James Stauch
Institute for Community Prosperity
Institute Director
Michelle Yeo
Institute for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Institute Director
Connie Van Der Byl
Institute for Environmental Sustainability
Institute Director
Danah Duke
Miistakis Institute
Institute Director
Sonya Jakubec
Centre for Child Well-Being
Centre Director
Tim Haney
Centre for Community Disaster Research
Centre Director
Luc CarelsStudent Representative
Cordelia SnowdonStudent Representative
Marlena Cross
University Advancement
Carol ArmstrongResearch Development Officer (non-voting)
Cathy Carter SnellResearch Development Officer (non-voting)
Leah HamiltonResearch Development Officer (non-voting)
Michael UzokaResearch Development Officer (non-voting)
Kathy Homer
Governance Assistant, GFC
Recording Secretary

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Kathy Homer

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