Executive Officers

Executive Officers

OfficerNameTitleTerm ends
Chair, GFCDavid DochertyPresident, MRUEx officio
Vice-Chair, GFCLesley BrownProvost and Vice-President Academic, MRUEx officio
Speaker, GFCHeather McLellanGFC Councillor,
Faculty of Health, Community and Education
Jun. 30, 2018
Deputy Speaker, GFCRob PlattsGFC Councillor,
Faculty of Arts
Jun. 30, 2018
Secretary, GFCPhil WarsabaAssociate Vice-President, Enrolment Management and RegistrarEx officio
Recording Secretary (non-voting)Kathy HomerGovernance Assistant, GFC 



  • Execute all official communications of General Faculties Council (GFC)
  • Sign all official documents of GFC
  • Act as official spokesperson for GFC
  • Serve as Chair, GFC Executive Committee
  • Call all meetings of the GFC
  • Report to GFC on current issues at Mount Royal
  • Convey GFC recommendations and advice to the Board of Governors
  • Convey Board decisions and requests to GFC



  • Fulfill responsibilities of Chair of GFC whenever the Chair is unable or unavailable to do so
  • Chair, GFC By-laws and Striking Committee



  • Conduct all GFC meetings in accordance with the By-laws and the basic rules of parliamentary procedures
  • Keep GFC meetings running in an orderly fashion – rule on matters of procedure, questions of interpretation or points of order (should any ruling be appealed, put the appeal to an immediate vote)
  • Ensure all business and operations of the GFC are coordinated through the Recording Secretary

Note: Normally, the Speaker does not participate in debate during a GFC meeting; however, if the Speaker feels the need to participate, they shall relinquish the Speaker’s seat for the remainder of the discussion on that item.

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Deputy Speaker

  • Assist with compilation of lists of speakers and provide procedural support to the Speaker during GFC meetings
  • Fulfill responsibilities of the Speaker whenever the Speaker is unable or unavailable to do so
  • Assume the Speaker’s seat when the Speaker chooses to participate in the debate of an item during the GFC meeting

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  • Assist the Chair as needed and ensure that the institutional rules, policies and procedures are properly followed
  • Provide advice on the proper interpretation and application of the By-laws, rules, policies, procedures and academic regulations of the GFC
  • Assist with the organization of the annual election of Faculty Councillors to GFC and assist the By-laws and Striking Committee in establishing the members of GFC standing committees
  • Create, advise upon and draft academic policies as appropriate, assuring adherence to proper format and procedures, and prepare them for submission to GFC
  • Communicate all GFC reports to the Board of Governors
  • Convey decisions of GFC to appropriate persons for information, advice and/or action
  • Prepare summary of decisions of GFC for distribution to the Mount Royal community

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Recording Secretary

  • Prepare and distribute GFC agendas and minutes
  • Maintain the official record of all GFC proceedings
  • Ensure GFC website remains up to date
  • Organize and schedule GFC meetings
  • Act as a resource to the Chair and the Speaker
  • Assist standing committee with research and provide support, as required
  • Work with the Chair and the Speaker to ensure the smooth and proper functioning of GFC and its affairs

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