Executive Officers

Executive Officers

OfficerNameTitleTerm ends
Chair, GFCDavid DochertyPresident, MRUEx officio
Vice-Chair, GFCLesley BrownProvost and Vice-President  Academic, MRUEx officio
Speaker, GFCHeather McLellanSchool of Nursing and MidwiferyJun. 30, 2018
Deputy Speaker, GFCRob PlattsDepartment of Interior DesignJun. 30, 2018
Secretary, GFCPhil WarsabaAssociate Vice-President, Enrolment ManagementEx officio
Recording Secretary (non-voting)Kathy HomerGovernance Assistant, Academic AffairsEx officio



  • Execute all official communications of General Faculties Council (GFC)
  • Sign all official documents of GFC
  • Act as official spokesperson for GFC
  • Serve as Chair, GFC Executive Committee
  • Call all meetings of the GFC
  • Report to GFC on current issues at Mount Royal
  • Convey GFC recommendations and advice to the Board of Governors
  • Convey Board decisions and requests to GFC



  • Fulfill responsibilities of Chair of GFC whenever the Chair is unable or unavailable to do so
  • Chair, GFC By-laws and Striking Committee



  • Conduct all GFC meetings in accordance with the By-laws and the basic rules of parliamentary procedures
  • Keep GFC meetings running in an orderly fashion – rule on matters of procedure, questions of interpretation or points of order (should any ruling be appealed, put the appeal to an immediate vote)
  • Ensure all business and operations of the GFC are coordinated through the Recording Secretary

Note: Normally, the Speaker does not participate in debate during a GFC meeting; however, if the Speakers feels the need to participate, he/she shall relinquish the Speaker’s seat for the remainder of the discussion on that item

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Deputy Speaker

  • Assist with compilation of speaker’s lists and provide procedural support to the Speaker during GFC meetings
  • Fulfill responsibilities of the Speaker whenever the Speaker is unable or unavailable to do so
  • Assume the Speaker’s seat when the Speaker chooses to participate in the debate of an item during the GFC meeting

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  • Assist the Chair as needed and ensure that the institutional rules, policies and procedures are properly followed
  • Provide advice on the proper interpretation and application of the By-laws, rules, policies, procedures and academic regulations of the GFC
  • Assist with the organization of the annual election of Faculty Councillors to GFC and assist the By-laws and striking Committee in establishing the members of GFC standing committees
  • Create, advise upon and draft academic policies as appropriate, assuring adherence to proper format and procedures, and prepare them for submission to GFC
  • Communicate all GFC reports to the Board of Governors
  • Convey decisions of GFC to appropriate persons for information, advice and/or action
  • Prepare summary of decisions of GFC for distribution to the Mount Royal community

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Recording Secretary

  • Prepare and distribute GFC agendas and minutes
  • Maintain the official record of all GFC proceedings
  • Ensure GFC website remains up to date
  • Organize and schedule GFC meetings
  • Act as a resource to the Chair and the Speaker
  • Assist standing committee with research and provide support, as required
  • Work with the Chair and the Speaker to ensure the smooth and proper functioning of GFC and its affairs

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