Policy & Processes

Key components of the cyclical program review process include critical self-study, external peer review by independent academic experts, and implementation of an action plan to improve and advance the program.

Policies & Procedure

On a 7-year cycle, all MRU credit academic programs are assessed as part of our ongoing commitment to quality assurance.  Policies which govern the Program Reviews fall under the approval authority of the General Faculties Council and include:


Communication of Results

Upon final approval, the results of Program Reviews will be communicated as follows:

1.  An executive summary of the review findings and the Program Advancement Action Plan will be presented to the General Faculties Council for information and will be posted on the MRU website.

2.  For degree programs, the review documents including the Program Advancement Action Plan will be submitted to the Campus Alberta Quality Council to fulfill CAQC Requirements for degree program quality monitoring.