Self-Study Teams

The overriding purpose of MRU program reviews is to enhance student success by ensuring that students receive the highest possible quality of academic programming.

Across all academic units, faculty-led Self-Study Teams engage in thorough self-study and critical assessment of their programs. Initiated by the Provost and Vice-President Academic, cyclical program reviews include consultation with and input from the Dean / Director of the program.

At the outset, the Dean / Director, in consultation with the department / program Chair appoints a Self-Study Team Leader. The Dean / Director and Self-Study Team Leader will form a team normally comprised of the department program Chair, several faculty members (including coordinators where applicable) from the discipline / program, and an MRU faculty member from a different discipline or program.


MRU Team Leaders and members - For more information please see the Program Review Team Resources Blackboard Page.

Any queries can be directed to:

Lisa Minnikin
Operations Officer
Office of the Vice-Provost & AVP Teaching and Learning
T.  403.440.5989