Book ADC Spaces

Room Booking and Room Use Guidelines

Room Booking Time Frames

To book a space in the month of... Submit a request on, or after...
August through December June 15th
January through July November 1st
  • Exceptions may be made for video-conferences or special events that merit additional advance notice for booking.
  • In order to book a video-conference, a minimum of seven days advance notice (including connection details) is required.
Room Booking Details

To reserve one of our spaces, faculty and staff are invited to contact:

Nancy Funke


In order to complete your booking, please provide the following information. You can copy and paste this list into an email.

  • Name of event or booking:
  • Your contact phone and email:
  • Date(s):
  • Actual start and finish time:
  • Start and finish time including set-up, if different from above:
    (Include your set-up and clean-up time, as well as any additional time required by Environmental Services to clean-up.)
  • Number of attendees:
  • Room preference:
  • Will there be any food at this event?:
    (If yes, you must contact to arrange an After Food Check and Clean.  Be sure to add padding time to your booking for this, and inform Environmental Services of the time you have reserved for them to conduct the check.  If you require more information about the room check, please call 6422.)
  • Additional comments or requirements:
    (E.g. Technology or equipment set-up, technology support or orientation etc. )


  • Please let us know, as soon as possible, if you have a cancellation. This will allow us to offer the space to other interested users.
  • Should a booking conflict arise in which ADC employees require room access on short notice, it may be necessary to transfer your booking to an alternate space, or to cancel your booking entirely. We will do our best to provide at least seven days notice for any changes made to your booking. 

Room Use Guideline

We kindly ask that you respect the following guidelines when using ADC spaces.

  • Access: To obtain a key or swipe card for a booked space, please come to ADC reception in EL2172.
  • Room Set-up and Layout: When you are finished, please reset the furniture to the original configuration.
  • Clean-up: Please leave the room clean and tidy when you are finished. Refuse can be removed to the garbage and recycling containers located outside of the room. If your booking includes refreshments or catering, you must contact the Environmental Services team to arrange an After Food Check and Clean. If the room is not in good condition when you arrive please contact ADC reception at 403-440-6042.
  • Exiting the room: If applicable, please turn off the computer(s), monitor, wireless keyboard, and mouse before you leave the room, and door behind you.