At MPG we've had the privilege to work with many departments within MRU and a diverse collection of clients outside of the university. Our projects are produced for the curricula at MRU and for other educational institutions throughout the world. We also work in close collaboration with our colleagues at Mount Royal University Advancement to enhance their communications strategies for the MRU.

Celebrate your blue streak at the 2015 Alumni Achievement Awards
This is a promotional teaser video produced by MPG for the Mount Royal University Marketing Department. Various MRU Alumni speak of the profound effect MRU has had on their lives.

Mount Royal University Alumni Achievement Awards
With a double major in Health Sciences and Cellular and Molecular Biology, third-year Sciences student Kristin Milloy has already made her mark on Mount Royal and beyond. This future doctor’s summer was spent volunteering at a teaching hospital in Sri Lanka,


Mount Royal University Start Program
START stands for Student Technicians and Resource Tutors program. It it a widely used service at Mount Royal University. START strives to offer an environment which empowers students to become comfortable, competent and creative in the use of technology.

 Mount Royal University Who's Frank Anti-bullying Campaign
Mount Royal University Faculty of Arts and 2014 partner school Bishop Carroll High School raised awareness about, and change the culture of bullying with this video. Join the movement: share your story or participate in an upcoming event.
 Cretaceous Seas Exhibit at Mount Royal University
Cretaceous Seas is the largest marine vertebrate exhibit in Calgary. Installed from the atrium ceilings in Mount Royal’s East Gate and B-Wing, Cretaceous Seas provides students and the public the opportunity to view life-sized specimens of extinct marine reptiles and fishes that swam or flew the seas of western North America during the Cretaceous Period, more than 65 million years ago. The casts on display were constructed from molds produced from bones of marine reptiles, pterosaurs and fishes unearthed from sea bottom muds deposited in the Western Interior Seaway.
 Mount Royal University Alumni Achievement Awards - Amanda Hamilton
Winner of the 2012 Mount Royal University Alumni Legacy Awards is the Horizon Award, Amanda Hamilton. The Horizon Award recognizes the outstanding achievements of alumni early in their careers, and MRU alumni Amanda Hamilton has shown exceptional drive and commitment to her work by owning and operating a highly successful interior design business.

Mount Royal University Alumni Achievement Awards - Ashley Black
During her time at Mount Royal, Black was a member of the Dean's Honour Roll, the recipient of five scholarships and vice-president of the Aviation Student Executive. "The feeling I get when I fly is inner satisfaction," says Ashley Black, first officer at Jazz Aviation.
She has advanced quickly in her flying career. Promoted to first officer, she has garnered countless compliments from the captains she has flown with. Among the aviation community, Black is recognized as a significant success story and proof that both she and Mount Royal are able to meet the industry's high standards.

Soft Hammer Percussion

This video is part of a series of educational videos on flint knapping for ANTH 3201 Lithic Analysis taught by Dr. Julie Cormack at Mount Royal University. The conceptual idea and project organization came from Julie Cormack. In this video, archaeologist Jason Roe outlines the soft hammer percussion technique, specifically focusing on the importance of edge platform preparation.