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Course redesign

ADC faculty development consultants and professional staff are available to support you in a Course Redesign process, which seeks to help improve student learning and academic success. Priority will generally be given to high-enrolled, multi-section courses.

Sample Course Redesign activities that we can support include the following:

  • Exploration of current and future aspects of the course (needs assessment)
  • Review of course learning outcomes and alignment with program outcomes, where appropriate
  • Review of course learning activities and approaches to assessment of learning
  • Review of in class and outside of class learning activities
  • Development of online resources designed to support teaching/learning
  • Exploration of existing technology-enabled applications/software, as appropriate

A call for expressions of interest is distributed in the spring. Applicants are then invited to meet with members of the ADC course redesign team in late-May or early-June. This meeting is an opportunity for us to hear about your goals for the project and share more with you about the timelines and the nature of the redesign process itself. At this meeting we hope to answer any questions you may have so that you may make an informed decision about participating in the redesign process. Final decisions for course redesign projects is made by mid-June.

Lead faculty members on course redesign projects receive course reassignment time for their contribution to the process. The timelines and types of support required for each project will, to some extent, be determined by the nature of individual projects.

Who can you contact?

For more information on Course Redesign, please contact: