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Classroom peer observation

This program introduces faculty to both the formative and the summative aspects of classroom peer observation at MRU. As a participant, you will focus on the pre-observation conference, the observation itself, and the post-observation discussion as well as the completion of the Chair and Peer Classroom Evaluation (UTPC Form 504). By sharing experiences and best practices, participants will gain greater knowledge and competence in classroom observation of teaching.

Interested in participating?

Classroom Peer Observation is designed for peer observers as well as instructors being observed in classroom settings, whether full-time or contract faculty. The program is typically offered once in each of the fall, winter, and spring semesters. You will attend three, 1.5 hour sessions, scheduled one week apart. Participation is usually capped at eight faculty per group.

Who can you contact?

For more information on the Classroom Peer Observation program, please contact:

  • (OnLeave)Jennifer Boman, Faculty Development Consultant  ||  403.440.8743
  • Michelle Yeo, Faculty Development Consultant  ||  403.440.6494