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Classroom communication course

The Classroom Communication course is an opportunity to learn techniques to develop and polish your classroom presentation style. During the course we will discuss the messages we send, practice vocal techniques, consider personal style, explore instructional communication literature, and present mini lessons to each other (some of which will be recorded) all with a view to better understanding the power of our communication.

Join us for the opportunity to:

  • Explore and reflect on your classroom communication style
  • Learn more about the potential impact of teacher communication on student learning
  • Discover whether your message is clear and congruent

Interested in participating?

The Classroom Communication course is generally offered in the winter and spring semesters and both full-time and part-time faculty are welcome to participate. The course runs for 2 hours per week over 5 weeks and participants must be able to attend all classes.

Don't miss the next offering of the Classroom Communication course. Watch for announcements which are distributed to all faculty by email.