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Communities of practice (CoPs)

Communities of practice are groups, networks, or teams organized around particular topics or themes related to teaching, learning or scholarship. The CoP provides a venue to connect, on a regular basis, with others who share a common passion or interest for something they do or believe in.

CoPs are often initiated after a particular seminar, workshop, or guest speaker catalyzes interest in a topic. They offer the opportunity for interested participants to continue and build on the dialogue and community learning involved in the original, more formally defined initiative.

Previous CoPs have been organized around the following themes:

  • Assessment
  • Future of Learning
  • Community Service Learning

Interested in participating?

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the CoP topic. There are no specific “deliverables” or expectations of participants beyond participating as their interest dictates. CoPs can be ongoing throughout or across academic years, as long as participants continue to be interested in the topic and to attend the scheduled sessions.