Programs & Services

New faculty support program (NFSP)

The NFSP provides support and resources to new full-time faculty members, both tenure track and limited term. The broad goals of the NFSP are to provide support across faculty roles, to assist in building community, and to be responsive in terms of addressing and supporting the professional learning goals of faculty members.

The program commences with a three-day orientation in August, where faculty are introduced to the Mount Royal institution and community and to the various support systems available to them at the University. The August program also includes a series of guest speakers from across the University and optional workshops covering topics such as the first day of class, classroom management, planning and funding a research program, course planning and assessment, and the use of learning technologies at MRU.

The NFSP offers a variety of programming during the pre-tenure period in response to the interests and needs expressed by program participants. Ongoing consultation with faculty members helps to ensure a structurally flexible program that offers choice and remains responsive to current and emerging themes and topic areas raised by faculty.

How to get involved?

All full-time faculty are required to participate in the orientation portion of the program running in August; the details of this involvement are outlined in the MRU Human Resources faculty appointment letter. The ADC faculty team members responsible for leading the NFSP are in contact with all new faculty members prior to their arrival on campus.

Who can you contact?

For more information about NSFP, please contact:

  • (On Leave) Jennifer Boman, Faculty Development Consultant || 403.440.8743
  • Michelle Yeo, Faculty Development Consultant || 403.440.6494