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Triads: Peer collaboration

The Triad program is designed to facilitate peer collaboration. Triads are groups of three instructors (or more, usually from different departments) who meet regularly during one academic year to focus on teaching development, research, or other issues through collaborative reflection, discussion and observation.

Triads can do anything they decide would be useful to their professional practice. They generally meet informally once or twice a month to get to know each other and:

  • Discuss teaching philosophy and other teaching concerns
  • Explore strategies
  • Identify areas in which they may want feedback
  • Observe each other's classes

Many faculty members join triads because they enjoy the chance to affirm and enhance their teaching skills and to interact with other faculty.

Interested in participating?

Tenure track, term certain and sessional faculty are welcome to participate in Triads. If you would like to join please contact Jennifer Hooper. A Triads kick-off event is held each year in August for all faculty who have indicated their desire to participate. At this event we will review the Triads process and triads can be formed at this time.

Who can you contact?

For more information on Triads, please contact: