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Privacy and security on the web

Who owns this site?

The Mount Royal University homepage and several top-level pages are maintained by Communications staff within the Office of University Advancement. All other pages are maintained by the University’s individual faculties, schools, institutes, centres, departments and administrative units. These individual units follow Mount Royal web usage and style guidelines in creating and maintaining the content on their sites. Each individual unit has the sole responsibility for the accuracy of the content and opinions expressed in the pages they create.


Mount Royal University does not and cannot guarantee the accuracy of all content in our website. Anyone using the information on this site does so at their own risk; any loss arising from the use of information on this website is the sole responsibility of the user. Mount Royal University will not be responsible for any injury or damage arising from its use.

Copyright/permission to reproduce

The material on this site is covered by the provisions of the Canadian Copyright Act. Such provisions serve to identify the information source and, in specific instances, to prohibit reproduction of materials without written permission.

To obtain copyright permissions, please contact the faculty, school, institute, centre, department or administrative unit responsible for the information in which you are interested, or contact the Copyright Advisor, who can direct you to the appropriate area.

For further information on copyright at Mount Royal University, visit mtroyal.ca/copyright.


Mount Royal University follows the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP Act), which outlines provisions on how Mount Royal University collects, uses, discloses and protects personal information. All official Mount Royal University web pages adhere to the Alberta FOIP Act in regard to how they manage personal information belonging to those individuals who visit the institution's site.

The Mount Royal University website only collects personal information — such as name, e-mail address and phone number — through direct means including, but not withstanding, through e-mail or online collection forms submitted by the user.

Any personal information submitted by the user, therefore, is provided voluntarily by that user.

Pursuant to section 34(1) of the Alberta FOIP Act, Mount Royal University web pages do not collect personal information automatically or indirectly from individuals visiting our institution web pages.

When personal information is collected, users are informed of what personal information is being collected and the purpose for the collection. Users are also be given rights to seek access to the information being collected by Mount Royal University in accordance with the Alberta FOIP Act.

For further inquiries regarding the Alberta FOIP Act, please contact the Mount Royal University Privacy Office via phone at 403.440.7288 or via email at foip@mtroyal.ca.

Information collected automatically

Mount Royal University maintains logs of all http requests to our servers. These logs contain and capture computer information and data regarding site navigation.

The information collected does not identify who users are, but that information may be able to identify you through your internet service provider.

Server logs contain the following information:

  • the domain name and IP address of the visitor
  • browser type and version as well as operating system of the accessing device
  • date and time of access
  • pages visited
  • referring web site, if any
  • This information is not disclosed to anyone without proper authority and a legitimate purpose for the request.

HTTP (browser) cookies

A cookie is used for the website to send state information to a user's browser and for the browser to return the state information to the website. Some portions of the Mount Royal University website may use cookies to assist in form completion, track site statistics or maintain login credentials. Cookies are safe but you may disable them if you are concerned. Cookies may be deleted by referring to the help section of your browser.

Security and privacy

Mount Royal University employs a number of measures to protect the security of its computing resources and of its users' accounts. However, users should be aware that Mount Royal University cannot guarantee total security.

Users should be aware that their use of Mount Royal University computing resources is not completely private. While Mount Royal University does not routinely monitor individual usage of its computing resources, the normal operation and maintenance of Mount Royal University resources require the backup and caching of data and communications, the logging of activity, the monitoring of general usage patterns, the scanning of systems and network ports for anomalies and vulnerability, and other activities that are necessary for the rendition of services.

Mount Royal may also specifically monitor the activity and accounts of individual users of Mount Royal computing resources, including individual login sessions and communications, without notice, when:

  • the user has given permission or has voluntarily made them accessible to the public, for example by posting to a publicly-accessible web page or providing publicly-accessible network services;
  • it appears necessary to do so to protect the integrity, security, or functionality of Mount Royal, other computing resources, or to protect Mount Royal from liability;
  • there is reasonable cause to believe that the user has violated or is violating this Policy;
  • an account appears to be engaged in unusual or unusually excessive activity, as indicated by the monitoring of general activity and usage patterns; or
  • it is otherwise required or permitted by law.

Mount Royal University, at its discretion, may disclose the results of any such general or individual monitoring, including the contents and records of individual communications, to appropriate Mount Royal University personnel or law enforcement agencies and may use those results in appropriate Mount Royal University disciplinary proceedings. Communications made by means of Mount Royal computing resources are subject to the Alberta FOIP Act.

Links to other sites

Mount Royal University may link to content contained within outside web sites. Mount Royal University is not responsible for the validity of the content on these pages nor can we confirm or support the privacy and security practices of these sites. We urge you to use you own discretion when visiting any web site.

Collection of information via e-mails and web forms

When users provide Mount Royal University with personal information through an e-mail or an online form on the University website, Mount Royal University will use the information provided to respond to their message. In accordance with section 33(c) of the Alberta FOIP Act, Mount Royal University may only collect personal information that relates directly to and is necessary for an operating program or activity of a public body.

Social media

Mount Royal University focuses our social networking efforts, and subsequent guidelines, on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, blogs and Skype. Mount Royal University promotes a respectful and supportive environment for all members of the university community while utilizing all social networking platforms. For detailed guidelines on Mount Royal University’s social networking practices, visit our social networking guidelines.