Information for Professors

MRU Faculty Guide to Academic Accommodations

Academic accommodations are meant to remove environmental barriers faced by students experiencing disabilities to ensure equitable treatment and opportunity in their pursuit to fulfill the academic standards of their courses. This is consistent with the spirit and provisions of the Alberta Human Rights Act and with Mount Royal’s policies, procedures and practices.

MRU’s Accessibility Services works with faculty and students to achieve accommodations that uphold academic standards and maintain the integrity of the program and course curriculum. Students requesting academic accommodations approach faculty with a memo from Accessibility Services outlining the student’s individual requirements. The letter is meant to inform and assist faculty to ensure that the student’s needs are met and are consistent with MRU’s policies, professional standards followed within Accessibility Services, and our legislative responsibilities.

It is important that student confidentiality and privacy are maintained. This includes respecting the validity of an accommodation letter from Accessibility Services and contacting Accessibility Services if you have further questions about the accommodations outlined. It precludes faculty or staff requesting further personal information from the student, including medical documentation or further ‘proof’ of a disability. Accessibility Services gathers relevant medical and psychological documentation to aid in their determination of appropriate academic accommodations. Therefore, students do not have to disclose personal information to faculty members. Accessibility Services is legally and ethically barred from disclosing a student client’s diagnosis or other medical information.

Mount Royal’s professional Access Advisors are:

  • Bonnie Blankert, BA, MEd
  • Maureen G. Hewlett, MSc Psychology
  • Janet Arnold, MSc, RSW
  • Alicia Woloschuk, BA, MEd

Faculty members are encouraged to contact their department’s Accessibility Services liaison for assistance, including:
o Questions about recommendations within the accommodation letters received
o Accommodating students without compromising the academic integrity of the program or course

Please note: Professional ethics and standards of practice require that the Access Advisors in Accessibility Services record in the student client’s file all relevant communication regarding a particular student who is registered with Accessibility Services. This includes written correspondence and oral discussions about the student with faculty members. Students can obtain access to their entire Accessibility Services file by filing an access to information request.

Additional information about the accommodation process can be found in the following documents:

MRU Policy 517 Academic Accommodation for Students Experiencing Disabilities

MRU Parent Policy 517 and Guidelines

MRU Policy 1702 Human Rights Policy

Alberta Human Rights Commission Interpretive Bulletin: Duty to Accommodate Students with Disabilities

Accessibility Services Department Liaison List (currently under revision)

For further assistance and information, please contact:
MRU Accessibility Services (403.440.6868)
MRU Diversity & Human Rights (403.440.8675)

Students are encouraged to contact Accessibility Services with questions and assistance with academic accommodations.