Information for Professors

Responsibilities of the student receiving notes from a peer note taker

1. Step one: request your accommodation memos for your Professors

This letter/memo will provide your Professors with information on your classroom and/or testing accommodations. For example, a peer note taker.

To request your Accommodation Memos:
a) Go to
b) Scroll down to On line Forms:
c) Click on: ‘Online Request for Accommodation Memo’
*If you have difficulty accessing the MRU web site, please go to the START Lab (T106) for assistance.

2. Step two: pick up your accommodation memos at Accessibility Services (Y201)

Drop by the front desk at Accessibility Services to pick up your accommodation memos, and then hand-deliver one to each of your Professors.

Note: It takes approximately three days to prepare accommodation memos. Ensure that you request them so that they are ready for the first day of classes.

3. Step three: finding a note taker

During your meeting with your Professor regarding your accommodation memo, discuss your specific need for a note taker. Depending on the design of your Professor’s course, there may be several options available: i) audio recording the lecture – requires a contract (using a digital audio recorder or a LiveScribe Pen), ii) photocopying overheads, PowerPoints, etc., or having them emailed to you by the Professor, iii) borrowing videos to review at home, iii) collecting handouts, iv) accessing notes on BlackBoard, v) photocopying the Professor’s notes, or vi) using a peer note taker.

If you decide you would like to work with a peer note taker:

a) Pick up packages to give to your peer note takers from Accessibility Services.

b) Approach a student in your class about taking notes for you:
• When a student agrees to be your note taker and they want to use a laptop, you are responsible for providing them with a USB key or your email address so that notes may be saved and shared electronically.
• If the student chooses to handwrite the notes, you are responsible for providing the note taker with NCR (carbon) paper to use to take notes. NCR (carbon) paper can be picked up from the yellow shelf at the back of Accessibility Services (Y201).
• You should also consider approaching another student to act as your back-up note taker should your primary note taker be absent.
• The handout for peer note takers will be available in Y201.

c) Ask your Professor to assist you with finding a student to take notes in your class. Please discuss the following options on how to find a student note taker with your Professors:
• You and the Professor approach a student privately about taking notes.
• The Professor makes an announcement in class looking for a note taker.
• The Professor may be able to email the class or make a post on blackboard to assist you in finding a note taker.
• Give your Professor the handout that is part of the note taker package about making an announcement on your behalf to the class requesting a peer note taker as well as a back-up note taker; you will also give your note taker a handout that outlines how they will help you.

4. General information

You and your note taker are strongly encouraged to attend a free note taking workshop (Learning in Class) given through Student Learning Services – T123.

It is your responsibility to meet briefly with the Professor, as well as your peer note taker(s), after the first class to exchange contact information. There are tables below that may help you to keep track of their contact information. Provide your note taker(s) with your contact information.

Inform the note taker where to sit (beside you or not).

Talk to your note takers about the format of their notes – will they email you the notes, or do they prefer to use NCR (carbon) paper? If they request NCR (carbon) paper you can pick it up at Accessibility Services and supply it to your note taker. The paper will be on the yellow shelf in the back of Y201. Remind your note taker to write on only one page at a time so that the notes from one page do not transfer to below pages. If they are taking notes electronically, you will need to provide your email address and/or a USB key to store the notes.

Attend class and arrive on time. Inform the note taker, in advance, when you are going to be late or absent from class.

During the first week of classes give the note taker feedback on the notes. Be specific.

Ask the Professor to review the notes to ensure that they are satisfactory.

Treat note takers with dignity and respect.

Always carry NCR (carbon) paper with you so that you can give it to another classmate to take notes in the event that your regular note taker is absent (you may approach the Professor for assistance).

Upon request peer note takers will receive a letter of acknowledgment from Accessibility Services for their service at the end of the semester. Remind your peer note taker to contact Accessibility Services if they would like such a letter. 

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