Prospective Students

Frequently asked questions by parents

1. What type of documentation does my son or daughter require to have accommodations in post secondary?

Documentation from a professional qualified to diagnose the disorder. For example, a psychoeducational assessment from a registered psychologist or a letter from a physician. Drop off to (Y201), email to or fax (403.440.7255). Once we receive the documentation book a conversation with an Access Advisor. Please include a current contact number with your documentation.

If your son or daughter is applying for Canada Study Grant funding for persons with disabilities, guidelines for documentation requirements can be found at the following site:

2. How old is “too old” for documentation?

In providing recommendations for academic accommodation and services, we prefer to work with recent documentation and recommend that learning and ADHD assessments should be less than 5 years old. Exceptions may be made and Access Advisors can advise you if you need more or updated information. With older assessments, current IPP’s can be a helpful supplement.

3. Can I book an appointment for my son or daughter?

After we have received the documentation for your son or daughter and you know their class/work schedule, you can book a conversation with an Access Advisor. Thereafter, we cannot release any information to you, including whether appointments have been missed, rescheduled or otherwise, without signed consent from the student. 

4. Can I accompany my son or daughter to the appointment?

You are most welcome if your son or daughter would like you there. While we encourage the student independence, we realize that the first conversation with an Access Advisor can seem overwhelming and an extra set of ears can be helpful. 

5. Who does my son or daughter speak to regarding which classes they should take?

Accessibility Services is here to review documentation and make recommendations for academic accommodation. Any questions regarding course selection can be answered by Academic Advising. The Academic Advising office is located in room C109 of the Lincoln Park Building and their phone number is 403-440-7041

6. Does the need for academic accommodation affect my son or daughter’s application for Mount Royal University?

No. Your son or daughter’s application for Mount Royal University will be reviewed using the same criteria, standards and requirements used for all students who apply to Mount Royal University.

7. Does declaring a disability and requesting accommodations affect my son or daughter’s academic career or future career aspirations?

All information provided to Accessibility Services is confidential and filed in a secured area in the Accessibility office. It is not released to anyone without written consent from the student. Access Advisors and Career Services personnel are available to advise students as to considering and managing disclosure and requests for accommodation in the workplace.

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