Massage Therapy Certificate


The Massage Therapy certificate is designed to present a comprehensive approach to wellness. This 1100-hour program guides you through core courses and experiential learning where you will work with a variety of clients in supervised settings. 

You can register for the Fall Semester classes at this time. The Interactive Course Search for the Winter Semester will be available the beginning of October, and you can register for your Winter Semester towards the end of October.
These required courses are a listing of what is available to you. If you wish to complete the program in nine months, it is recommended that you complete the program in the sequence provided below.  For questions about your course selection, please contact your advisor.

Year One, Semester 1 [Fall], Sept. – Dec.
» XMAT 20001    Massage Concepts & Terminology
» XBIO 20001     Human Anatomy
» XBIO 20002     Human Physiology
» XMAT 20002    Relaxation Massage Techniques
» XMAT 20200    Musculoskeletal Anatomy
» XMAT 20003    Fundamentals of Charting
» XMAT 20701    Ethics & Communication I
» XMAT 20910    Clinical Practicum I
» XMAT 20913    Outreach I

Year One, Semester 2 [Winter], Jan. – Apr.
» XMAT 20004    Advanced Massage Techniques
» XMAT 20501    Therapeutic Exercise I
» XMAT 20911    Clinical Practicum II
» XMAT 20700    Business of Massage Therapy
» XMAT 20006    Hydrotherapy
» XMAT 20401    Pathology I
» XMAT 20600    Orthopedic Assessment
» XMAT 20005    Treatments I
» XMAT 20912    Clinical Practicum III

Year One, Semester 3 [Spring], May – June

» XMAT 20801    Integrative Studies
Your advisor will email you a more detailed advising and program registration package. Please ensure that you check your Mount Royal email account. You may also contact your advisor at with questions about your course selection or program path or visit the website at