Graduation & Convocation

Carmen Lalonde

Carmen Lalonde with student

Carmen Lalonde won’t be highland dancing her way across the stage when she accepts her Bachelor of Arts at today’s ceremony, but if anyone was ever to do it, she’d be a good candidate.

Lalonde, a valedictorian finalist who majored in psychology, was a competitive highland dancer who toured the world before giving up life on the road to spend her days here on campus.

The sunny, articulate and thoughtful native of Calgary is one of those people who would have been successful no matter where she applied herself.

Aside from dancing, Lalonde is an athlete who loves snowboarding and swimming, as well as music. In fact, she recorded her first CD a year after learning to play the piano at the age of 16.

Multiple inspirations

The aspiring child psychologist will no doubt be an inspiration to the children she works with as she pursues her master’s degree in 2011 and ultimately a doctorate.

Lalonde makes it quite clear, though, that even when she leaves Mount Royal, Mount Royal won’t leave her.

“Mount Royal is an exceptional place to learn. It’s been my most positive academic experience,” says Lalonde.

“There’s so much support and encouragement to do well. And then when you do well it makes you want to do even better. For me, Mount Royal has been a huge part of my maturing, personally and professionally.

“I knew I wanted to work with kids all along. Kids are our future. They’re the ones who can create the most change because adults are set in their ways. Kids have the most potential, they have the most room for growth and they’re the most fun.”

With such an energetic, passionate outlook on life, there’s a good chance the kids won’t be the only ones having fun when Lalonde is around.

Steven Noble, June 4, 2010