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You Said It... 2007

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What memory will you take with you from your time at Mount Royal?

Kyle Aaron Ulch
22, Bachelor of Applied Business and Entrepreneurship — Small Business
Zeinab Ibrahim
28, Bachelor of Applied Business Administration — Accounting
Lindsay Smith
22, Business Administration Diploma — Marketing Managemen
kyle_yousaidit_2007 zeinab_yousaidit_2007 lindsay_yousaidit_2007
“I’ll remember all the good times. It passed so quickly. My DFS (Directed Field Study) was pretty fun — you get to go out and do different things. It was a good experience.” “It was actually a nice experience. I was at both the University of Calgary and Mount Royal and Mount Royal was more personalized and focused. At U of C the instructors don’t have much time for you, but it was the opposite here.”

“All the memories with life-long friends. And ordering pizza to the school was fun.”
Jennifer Caswell
32, Bachelor of Applied Communication — Public Relations
Brandon Wilson
22, Computer Information Systems Diploma
Lilia Blasetti
50, Bachelor of Applied International Business and Supply Chain Management
jennifer_yousaidit_2007 brandon_yousaidit_2007 lilia_yousaidit_2007
“This is where I started my life. This is where I met many of my friends and where I figured out who I was and what I wanted to be.” “My biggest memories come from living in Residence. That’s where I had my most fun. It was a good balance (between partying and studying) and I met lots of new friends.”

“It went by too quickly. It seems like just yesterday that I was a new student. I met a lot of friends and I hope they will be here for a long time to come.”
Gilo Omotobech
34, Bachelor of Applied Justice Studies
Sharlene Bridges
37, Bachelor of Nursing — Athabasca University at Mount Royal
Annie Khuu
22, Bachelor of Arts — Athabasca University at Mount Royal
gilo_yousaidit_2007 sharlene_yousaidit_2007 annie_yousaidit_2007
“Graduation day — it’s something special. It’s the end of the stress and going to … new stress. It also represents all the hard work I’ve done for the last four years.” “I’ll remember all the early mornings at Tim Hortons. We gossiped, complained and supported each other. And part of you finds yourself. I’ve got good memories overall. I’ll miss this place.”

“All the friends I’ve met and the experiences my professors shared with me. It’s good to hear the personal experiences they had.”
Brett Gunther
26, Music Performance Diploma
Avery Murphy
20, Child and Youth Care Counsellor Diploma
Gisele Smith
26, Bachelor of Nursing — Athabasca University at Mount Royal
brett_yousaidit_2007 avery_yousaidit_2007 gisele_yousaidit_2007
“For the most part, the friends I made and the amazing teachers I had. The teachers are very friendly and really know their material — they have a world of information.” “The family I developed in our diploma and all the wonderful faculty that were there to help us. They were always there and very supportive.” “Friendships! In nursing you get a lot of support from everyone.”