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You Said It... June 2008

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What memory will you take with you from your time at Mount Royal?

Yoo-Ree Lee Keller
28, Bachelor of Nursing – Athabasca University at Mount Royal
Matthew Badura
25, Bachelor of Applied Business Administration and Accounting
Uma Kathiresan
24, Bachelor of Applied Business Administration and Accounting
yoree_yousaidit_june2008 matt_yousaidit_june2008 uma_yousaidit_june2008
“I got to know my instructors, not just in the lecture but in our clinical classes, too. I appreciated that they set up labs for us to practice in – it was a lot of fun.” It would have to be the instructors. I think Mount Royal has a lot of great instructors with industry experience combined with great education who are willing to support you through your years at Mount Royal to be successful.”

“My lasting memory of Mount Royal will be all of the wonderful friends I made. I met my best friend here and now we work together in the same company too.”
Dave Sanders
24, Bachelor of Applied Communications, Technical Communications
Liz Barbeau
60, Bachelor of Nursing – Athabasca University at Mount Royal
Adam Brunke
21, Bachelor of Applied Computer Information Systems and Business
dave_yousaidit_june2008 liz_yousaidit_june2008 adam_yousaidit_june2008
“My lasting memory will be my free Danish this morning! I finally get something for free. Apart from that I met the love of my life, so relationships generally will be my lasting memory.” “I like the smaller class sizes ... it’s more a family place atmosphere. You feel it’s easy to go to an instructor’s office and talk to them. And the other students were a lot of fun!” “Meeting all the people will be my best memory. I’m from a small town so my graduating class was 30 people. I’ve made plenty of friends here and enjoyed the smaller class sizes and one-on-one time with instructors.”

Stephanie Dorosz
22, Bachelor of Applied Justice Studies
Andrew Clark
22, Music Performance Diploma
Victoria Leanne Turton
24, Bachelor of Arts - Athabasca University at Mount Royal
steph_yousaidit_june2008 andrew_yousaidit_june2008 victoria_yousaidit_june2008
“I was able to attend an international criminal justice conference where I heard a lot of speakers from different professions talking on various issues. The highlight was seeing Dr. Bruce Perry talk about neglect and how it affects young people’s developing brains.” “To graduate from my program, I had to do a one hour jazz concert and perform with a band. It was a pretty special evening and we had a great turn out – lot of good friends there and family. That was a highlight.” "One day in our 17th Century Culture class, Cliff Werier was trying to give us a positive reading of a poem by Robert Herrick. The entire class, which was mainly female, was just not having any of it. We told Cliff, “Herrick is a pervert – he’s disgusting!” It was a really fun class!”

Maury Ziegler
27, Bachelor of Applied Business and Entrepreneurship – Sport and Recreation
Diyon Vannistelrooy
20, Business Administration Diploma
maury_yousaidit_june2008 diyon_yousaidit_june2008  
“I would say the interaction with professors. I like the small college feel that I experienced in the past four years.” “I played on the women’s volleyball team so getting second at the Nationals this year was a highlight for me and a lasting memory.”