Graduation & Convocation

Travis McIntosh

Before Travis McIntosh began studying at Mount Royal University, he found life chaotic and confusing.

Over the last four years, things have begun to make a little more sense.Travis McIntosh

In addition to graduating from Mount Royal’s Policy Studies program with a Bachelor of Applied Policy Studies, McIntosh includes being elected as President of the Students’ Association of Mount Royal University (SAMRU) and helping lead the students and SAMRU through Mount Royal’s name change as some of the highlights of his time here.

But one of the achievements the outgoing SAMRU president says he is happiest with is having “demystified some aspects of human life.”

Through his studies and experience working with SAMRU, McIntosh honed his ability to conduct research and decipher the world around him.

“I’ve learned to put things into proper perspective,” says McIntosh.

“My experience with SAMRU has changed my life.”

His efforts also have impacted the lives of many students at Mount Royal, whether they realize it or not.

During his time as president between 2008 and 2010, one of McIntosh’s key roles was assessing the relationship between SAMRU and its external advocates.
McIntosh’s review helped SAMRU realize decisions made by the provincial government have a greater impact on Mount Royal than those of the federal government. As a result, SAMRU’s lobbyists are now focusing more on Edmonton than Ottawa.

He hopes that will allow SAMRU to more effectively stand up for the interests of students, current and future alike. It also provides McIntosh with excellent experience as he pursues the next phase of his life.

Looking forward, McIntosh plans to take some finance classes and the Law School Admissions Test. He has also applied for positions with several local nonprofit organizations.

Whichever path he follows, McIntosh says he’ll be a lifelong student because Mount Royal instilled a passion for learning within him he just can’t shake.
That thirst for knowledge and a new challenge will serve him long after crossing the convocation stage today.

Fred Cheney, June 4, 2010