Unclassified Students

An Unclassified Student is one who takes a single course, but has not been admitted to a degree, diploma, certificate program, Open Studies or University Entrance Option. A student who has been admitted to an undergraduate (credit) program, Open Studies or University Entrance Option cannot register as an Unclassified Student.

As an Unclassified Student you are eligible to:

  • Register in a class that has an available seat and does not have a registration restriction.
  • Take one course per semester.
  • Maintain your unclassified “status” for one term.

As an Unclassified Student are not eligible to:

  • Apply for scholarships, bursaries, or awards through MRU or any part time government funding.
  • Access MRU advising services.

For information on fee payment, please refer to Money Matters.

If you wish to register for a course as an Unclassified Student, you must fill out an application form and present it, in person, at the Office of the Registrar between the first business day of the month that classes begin in a given semester (September [for Fall], January [for Winter], May [for Spring] or June [for Summer]) and the last day of the Add/Drop period.  As an Unclassified Student, you will not have to pay an application fee and are not required to meet the English Language Proficiency or prerequisite requirements.