Pay Tuition / Fees

Paying tuition & fees

New students who are thinking about attending Mount Royal have a lot of questions about how to pay for school.

On the Money Matters website, we’ve provided information on the costs that you might incur while attending post-secondary and resources to help you pay.

Fee payment deadline all students
Once your registration is complete you should ensure that your tuition/fees are paid by the appropriate deadline to retain the registration in your courses.

You may view your fee assessment through your MyMRU account. When your course registration is complete, your fee assessment is listed on the ADD/DROP page of MyMRU. You may also view your account summary by clicking on the ‘Detailed fee information’ link found on the Register & Pay tab. From this page you can choose to view your account summary for every term of attendance or just the current term.

Unpaid fees will result in cancelled registration. You may re-register, but you will be charged a re-registration fee (see the Calendar Supplement for details). Also, there is no guarantee that you will be able to get the same courses/sections that you had registered in previously.

Visit Money Matters for information on "Paying Tuition and Fees" and for responses to common questions.

Fee refunds
Refunds are only issued when you follow the formal cancellation procedures before the deadlines outlined in the Academic Schedule. Visit our FAQ for more information on refunds. 

Refunds will not be issued after the end of the Drop/Add period for each semester.

Students who cancel their registration will forfeit a registration deposit/cancellation fee which will be withheld from the refund of any fees that have been paid.

Log on to MyMRU to confirm your personal contact information is correct, or contact us to update your personal profile.

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