Admission Requirements

University Entrance Option

The University Entrance option is designed for students who intend to apply to one of Mount Royal’s baccalaureate degree programs but may lack specific admission requirements or do not meet the competitive admission average for the program at this time. Students in the University Entrance Option will register primarily in post-secondary courses but are permitted to enroll in high-school equivalency courses to meet admission requirements for their intended degree program. Admission to the University Entrance Option does not guarantee subsequent admission to a Mount Royal degree program.

The University Entrance Option provides learning opportunities for students who wish to:

  • participate in post-secondary education, and plan to pursue a university degree but may lack the specific admission requirements
  • enhance their admissibility for a Mount Royal degree program through completion of post-secondary coursework and/or high-school equivalency courses
  • take courses that are required for the completion of a Mount Royal degree while improving their admissibility for degree-level study

Students can complete a maximum of 30 credits (normally ten courses) as a University Entrance Option student. (This 30 credit limit includes any courses which the student may take as an Open Studies student.) Students are strongly encouraged to consult with an academic advisor before they reach this credit limit to ensure they are taking the appropriate courses. Students who reach this limit and who have not been admitted into a Mount Royal program will not be permitted to register in additional courses and may not apply to Open Studies. There is no appeal process to extend this limit.

University Entrance Option students who wish to upgrade their high school courses may enroll in various credit-free high school equivalency courses offered at Mount Royal. While these courses are not eligible for Alberta Education graduation credits or high school transcript purposes, they are accepted as alternative entrance requirements for undergraduate programs offered by Mount Royal and other Alberta universities.

University Entrance Option – Admission Requirements

General Admission Requirements
Mount Royal has a general admission policy which must be met to be considered for admission. Once you have applied and we have received your supporting documentation, the Admissions and Recruitment Office will determine your admission category. This category will determine which general admission requirements you must meet to be considered for admission to your program of choice. Please review each category to ensure you are looking at the admission requirements which are relevant to your situation. All students must meet the general admission requirements for Mount Royal University programs, except where the information contained in this section differs.

Additional Admission Requirements – University Entrance Option
In addition to meeting the general admission requirements, applicants must also satisfy the following criteria:

Academic Course Requirements
Admission to the University Entrance Option is competitive. The grade 12 subjects which may be presented for evaluation for admissibility include the following courses from Group A, B, and C. To allow applicants who are missing a specific course requirement or require a higher grade in a specific course an opportunity to upgrade their course(s), specific subjects such as English, mathematics, etc. are not required for admission to the University Entrance Option.

High School Applicant
1) Group A course
2) Group A course
3) Group A course
4) Group A or B course
5) Group A, B, or C course

Mature Applicant
1) Group A course
2) Group A course

Although Conditional Admission may be granted in advance of receipt of final, official transcripts, confirmation of the achievement of the course requirements above will take place after all final, official transcripts have been received by the University. Applicants who do not meet these requirements will be denied admission.

Post-secondary Applicant
Applicants who have completed four (or more) post-secondary courses by December 31 for the Fall Semester are not eligible for the University Entrance Option. Therefore, there is no post-secondary admission route available. All applicants will be considered on the basis of high school or mature standing above.

CURRICULUM – University Entrance Option

The four required courses consist of the following:

General Education Foundation Course – Cluster 1
General Education Foundation Course – Cluster 2
General Education Foundation Course – Cluster 3
General Education Foundation Course – Cluster 4

The following course is strongly recommended:
UGST 1001 – Effective Learning in the Undergraduate Context

The remaining five courses are of the student’s choosing. Please consult the appropriate section of this calendar for course requirements of various Mount Royal degree programs, and/or Academic Advising Services:

Admission to a Mount Royal degree program following study in the University Entrance Option

Admission to the University Entrance option does not guarantee subsequent admission to a Mount Royal degree program. However, University Entrance students who meet the competitive admission average/GPA of the previous year for their intended program, and who meet all other general and program-specific requirements of the program, will be offered admission to the program. Such students must apply for admission to their intended program during the early admission period.