Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Mount Royal has a general admission policy which applies to most undergraduate (credit) programs. Each program also has specific admission requirements. Please ensure you are familiar with both the general and specific admission requirements for the program(s) you select. In addition, all applicants must demonstrate English Language Proficiency for the purpose of admission if their primary or first language (meaning main language learned and used as a child) is not English.


Your admission category will be determined by the Admissions and Recruitment Office once you have applied for admission and we have received your high school and post-secondary (if applicable) grade and transcript information. Your admission category will determine which courses and grades will be used to calculate your competitive and final admission average. See the admission categories below to find out more about each type of applicant. Please read this carefully to ensure you are looking at the admission information which is relevant to your situation.

High school Applicant: You will be considered a high school applicant if you are in your final year of high school, if you have left or completed high school, and if you have completed fewer than eight post-secondary courses. Your competitive (conditional) admission average will be based on your top two Group A subjects at the time of review.

Post-secondary Applicant: You will be considered a post-secondary applicant if you have completed four or more post-secondary courses by Dec. 31 and will have completed eight or more post-secondary courses by June 30 (for the following Fall Semester). Your competitive (conditional) admission average will be based on your four most recently completed post-secondary courses as of Dec. 31 for the following Fall Semester. Courses presented for admission must be from a recognized post-secondary institution and must be transferable courses as determine by MRU.

Mature Applicant: You will be considered a mature applicant if the previous categories do not apply to you and you are at least 21 years old by Sept. 1 (for the Fall Semester). Your competitive (conditional) admission average will be based on your top two Group A subjects at the time of review.

Although International Students and Aboriginal Students are considered under the categories indicated above, please note that additional information is available.

Degree and Diploma Programs

The Admission Requirements chart (PDF) will provide a list of the specific courses required for each program, however, please note that you will also need to review your specific program of interest for detailed admission criteria.

For further information on competitive admission averages, please see the Making the Grade chart below.

Certificate Programs

Admission information for certificate programs can be found at programs and courses.

Other Non-credential offerings

University Entrance Option: This option is intended for students who wish to pursue a baccalaureate degree but do not currently meet the admission requirements and/or competitive admission average for the degree of their choice. Admission is competitive and applicants will be considered in the high school or mature admission category only. Applicants with more than four post-secondary courses by Dec. 31 (for the following Fall Semester) are not eligible to apply.

Open Studies: This is an open category which allows applicants to enter Mount Royal to take credit and/or upgrading courses as long as you have met the English Language Proficiency Requirement. (if your first language is not English). Please note that if the number of applicants who apply during Early Admission exceeds the space available, applicants will be considered on a first come, first serve basis.

Admission to Mount Royal is competitive, meaning students with higher grades will be considered first. Grade requirements vary from program to program. To help you determine if your grades are competitive, we have provided the following chart which lists the competitive average at the end of Early Admission for Fall 2014, and either the projected range for the Early Admission average for Fall 2015 or the actual competitive average if determined. Please note that the competitive average is affected by the number of applicants who apply for a specific program, the number of spaces available in that program and the grades the applicants present. Therefore, we are unable to predict the competitive average with complete accuracy. Some programs may also require additional criteria such as an interview or a portfolio.

Program Name2014 Early Admission
Cut-off Average

2015 Early Admission

Cut-off Average

High School and Mature Categories 1Post-secondary Category 2High School and Mature Categories 1Post-secondary Category 2
Bachelor of Arts – Undeclared74%2.965%2
Bachelor of Arts – Anthropology, English, History, Policy Studies, Sociology, Spanish65%2.065%2
Bachelor of Arts – Psychology79%3.3579%3.35
Bachelor of Arts – Criminal Justice82%3.782%3.7
Bachelor of Business Administration80%3.580%3.5
Bachelor of Child Studies – Child and Youth Care Counsellor82%3.7576%3.1
Bachelor of Child Studies – Early Learning and Child Care74.5%3.065%2
Bachelor of Child Studies – Post-DiplomaN/A2.0NA2
Bachelor of Communication – Information Design*65%*2.0*65%*2*
Bachelor of Communication - Journalism75%3.065%2
Bachelor of Communication – Public Relations*74%*2.9*74%*2.9*
Bachelor of Computer Information Systems75%3.072%2.7
Bachelor of Education – Elementary86%3.8886%3.825
Bachelor of Health and Physical Education – Undeclared, Physical Literacy, Sport and Recreation Management76%3.12570%2.5
Bachelor of Health and Physical Education – Athletic Therapy90%4.093%4
Bachelor of Health and Physical Education – Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership65%2.066.5%2.1
Bachelor Interior Design*70%*2.5*70%*2.5*
Bachelor of Midwifery*91.5%*4.0*92.5%*4*
Bachelor of Nursing91.5%4.092.5%3.925
Bachelor of Science85%3.92580%3.5
Bachelor of Science – Computer Science – University Transfer80.5%3.57580%3.5
Aviation Diploma*60%*2.0*60%*2*
Broadcasting Diploma*60%*2.0*60%*2*
Social Work Diploma82.5%3.77579%3.4
University Entrance Option60%N/A60%N/A
* For programs with non-academic criteria, applicants above the minimum average are moved through to the additional admission criteria assessment stage
1 High School and Mature applicants’ average is based on the top two Group A subjects at the time of review
2 Post-secondary applicants’ GPA is based on the four most recently completed transferable post-secondary courses by Dec. 31 for the following Fall Semester