Confirmation of Enrolment

Confirmation of Enrolment for Funding

If you require documentation confirming your student status in order to access funds available for your education, visit Student Awards & Financial Aid (E102). Typical examples of this type of confirmation include:

  • RESPs - Registered Education Savings Plan
    • Most RESP companies have their own forms, check with your provider
    • There are different deadlines for each of the RESP providers
    • Allow us two business days to process your request
  • CPP - Canada Pension Plan - Child's Benefit
    • CPP (Declaration of Attendance at University) forms can be dropped off at the Student Awards & Financial Aid office
    • Form pick up will commence one week after the last day to drop/add classes each semester
    • If you are submitting a CPP form for a previous semester we may be able to complete it while you wait
  • Student Line of Credit through a financial institution
  • External scholarships/bursaries/awards
    • Most external scholarships require a form to be completed or a confirmation of enrolment letter. These forms/letters typically request evidence of a student's enrolment for specified study period before releasing the funds
    • Allow two business days to process your request

If you have any questions, contact

Confirmation of Enrolment for student loan purposes

While you are enrolled as a full-time student, your government loans are interest-free – as long as your lender knows you are full-time.

If you are full-time and have previous student loans, and are NOT currently receiving student aid, notify your lender in order to maintain interest-free status (no interest payments are charged).

If you have previous Alberta student loans only:

  • Complete the Confirmation of Registration – Reinstatement of Interest Free Status for Alberta Student Loan (Form B)
  • You can find this form on the Student Aid Alberta website under Applications and Forms
  • Print off Form B and bring it into the Student Awards & Financial Aid office to have your enrolment confirmed

If you have previous Canada student loans and Alberta student loans:

  • Use the NSLSCs' (National Student Loan Service Centre) Online Services to submit a Confirmation of Enrolment request online, or complete a paper Confirmation of Enrolment form (Schedule 2)
  • If you are filling out a paper Schedule 2 please bring it into the Student Awards & Financial Aid office to confirm enrolment

If you have prior government student loans through another province other than Alberta, you will need to request:

  • A Schedule 2 for your federal loans, and
  • The appropriate confirmation of enrolment form for you provincial loan

If you are full-time and are receiving student aid this year, once you cash your current student loan(s) any previous student loan is automatically put back into interest-free status.

If you require documentation for a purpose other than confirming your eligibility to receive funding, visit the Office of the Registrar (A101).