Workshops, Training & Happenings



Diversity and Human Rights services offers a variety of workshops and events that create opportunities for discussion, growth and community engagement.  All offerings are open to students and employees of Mount Royal University.

For a full schedule and to register, please visit here 


Workshop disclaimer:
Thank you for your interest in Diversity and Human Rights Services Workshops and Trainings at MRU! Prior to your attendance we would like to highlight the type of discussion-based learning space that Diversity and Human Rights would like to create and foster for these opportunities. Given that much of the information covered throughout these workshops is of a sensitive, challenging, and often controversial nature, ensuring that all parties are respected, heard, and included is key.

Keystones of the workshops and trainings will be:

  • The creation of a safe, respectful learning environment, which involves self-awareness not only of speech content, but tone, body language, and other non-verbal responses.
  • Maintaining the goal of deepened understanding, which does not necessitate agreement or consensus.
  • Encouraging self-reflection, self-critique, and self-awareness.
  • Each person participating to their fullest ability.
  • Encouraging participation of MRU community members of a variety of identities, academic disciplines, socio-cultural backgrounds, and social justice communities.
  • Active listening, i.e., respecting others' thoughts, opinions, and convictions, and demonstrating that others’ comments and concerns have been heard.
  • Creating an environment in which debate, disagreement, and discomfort are not only welcomed, but enacted safely and respectfully resulting in learning opportunities for all.