Diversity & Human Rights


February 2017

Black History Month

At a time when disheartening levels of racism have been increasing globally, Black History Month recognizes a history of systemic injustice, honours the multitude of lived experiences within the Black diaspora, and celebrates the community responses and transformational creative production that times of strife have always inspired.  Black History Month has been hard won, contested ground, and the shortest month is not enough, given a long history of systemic injustice and erasure. The last year has been an unveiling of global anti-Blackness, and community response through strong, anti-racist, anti-police-brutality movements in solidarity with other social justice movements combatting systemic oppression upon communities of African descent worldwide. Notably, and at long last, this year our province has become the fourth in Canada to officially acknowledge the importance of recognizing Black history and future.

In honour of the multitude of lived experiences within the Black diaspora, and the stunning, transformational creative and intellectual production that times of strife have always inspired within Black communities worldwide, the SAMRU, Diversity & Human Rights, and the Iniskim Centre are collaborating to hold a series of events that speak to these many experiences and stories, and prompt our broader community to understand the many intersections of identity present in Black communities. These events will explore the interrelationship of Blackness with Queer and Trans life, Indigeneity, religion, class, and more, drawing strong connections that speak back to systemic power through the promise of solidarity.


 respectful. inclusive. responsive
Diversity & Human Rights Services believes diversity strengthens us all. We support Mount Royal’s vision and mission by fostering a safe, respectful and meaningfully inclusive campus for every member of the Mount Royal community. Being meaningfully inclusive means we identify and address barriers to full participation in the learning and working environment.

We offer the following:

Peer Education
Inclusive Education and Programming
Sexual Violence Response and Awareness
Multi Faith Chaplaincy
Positive Space Initiative
Human Rights Advising

We listen to concerns while maintaining strict confidentiality, explore informal methods of resolution, if necessary, explain the process for a formal complaint, deliver educational programming, workshops, training and presentations, and promote a respectful campus community.