Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions


The Campus Card is the official identification card for students and employees at Mount Royal University. The Campus Card serves as identification to enable you to access a variety of University services such as the Library, Recreation and Residence Life.
Students, faculty, employees and alumni are entitled to a Mount Royal Campus Card and may take advantage of its many benefits. You will have to meet the eligibility requirements in each area where you want to use your card (e.g. Library and Recreation).


- Campus Card Services is located on the Main Level of the Lincoln Park Campus inside the BookStore. 

- During the fall rush in September and winter rush in January campus card office moves into I-130. Please see Hours Of Operation under "Contact us" for more information.

- We are open Monday to Friday:

     ◾Sept. - April: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
     ◾May - June: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
     ◾July - mid Aug: 8:30 a.m. to to 4:00 p.m.

- During the September rush we offer extended hours. Please see Hours Of Operation under "Contact us" for more information.

The day after all of the following requirements have been completed:

1. You have your Mount Royal student ID number from the Registrar's Office.

2. New students and staff may pick up their cards 24 hours after they have updated their records with the Registrar's Office or Human Resources. To obtain your Mount Royal Campus Card, you will need your student/employee identification number and one piece of government issued photo identification (e.g. driver's licence, provincial identification, passport, etc.) or two pieces of non-photo identification (e.g. birth certificate, social insurance card, credit card, health care card, etc.). You must also have completed your course registration for the upcoming semester.

3. You are registered in at least 1 course in the current semester.
The day after all of the following has been completed:

1. You have been given your Mount Royal employee Banner ID number by Human Resources or your department.

2. Your contract information has been properly processed by all required departments.

3. Your payroll has been set up by providing Payroll with a voided cheque.
You will need to have one piece of government-issued photo identification (e.g. driver's license, provincial identification or passport) or two pieces of non-photo identification (e.g. birth certificate, social insurance number, credit card, health care card etc.).
- The first Campus Card is free to students and employees. Employees of contracted services, alumni and the general public pay $10.

- A replacement Campus Card will cost $10.
- Students must activate their cards for Mount Royal Recreation facilities at the start of each semester. Your card remains active as long as you have paid your tuition and are enrolled in classes.

- Employees must activate their cards for Mount Royal Recreation once per year at the start of the fall semester. Employee cards remain active as long as you are employed at Mount Royal University.
The Campus Card does not have an electronic cash function yet.
Computer labs will not accept the Campus Card for printing. To print, use Pcounter, a printing system that deducts the cost of your print jobs directly from your printing account. You may load funds onto your Pcounter account at the Campus Card Office (H100) or by using the Pcounter deposit stations in the Library, Tim Hortons, EB 1112 and at the Westgate Entrance opposite Security Services.
The magnetic stripe may provide you access to areas that are controlled by electronic locks such as labs, offices and West Residence Buildings.

Students - your current semester schedule will determine which labs you have access to. Remember, your card will only enable you access during the hours the lab is open for use. It may take up to one business day for late registrations or changes to your schedule to be updated in the electronic lock system. Please check with your instructor first. Additional questions may be answered by Security Services (X200E).

Employees - your access to buildings and rooms will need to be identified on a key requisition form, signed by the department head. The completed form, along with your Campus Card will have to be taken to Security Services (X200E), for encoding.
The U-Pass is a special validation sticker applied to your current Mount Royal Campus Card which entitles you to full access to available transit services during the school year. You must be currently registered as a full-time student (9 or more credits) to be eligible for the U-Pass program. More questions? Contact Transportation and Parking at or 403.440.6914.
- This has been requested by off-campus merchants that provide student discounts. It verifies that you are a student for the current semester. These merchants may include: ski resorts, sporting goods suppliers, beauty salons etc. We do not keep a list, but suggest you ask when making purchases.

- To use the Mount Royal University library, your Campus Card must have a current validation sticker affixed.
A couple of weeks prior to the start of the Fall and Summer semesters (August and April) an updated sticker can be obtained.