IT Security

We are looking for Cybersecurity Champions

Do you make staying cyber safe a priority? Are you aware of the consequences of a security breach to you and to your department? Are you concerned about the cybersecurity of your family, friends and colleagues? Do you have a few hours a month to spend championing cybersecurity in your department? Do you have ideas on how to improve cybersecurity that you want to share? Join the Cybersecurity Champion program and be a superhero! What does a Cybersecurity Champion do?

  • Models good cybersecurity behavior.
  • Identifies themselves as a cybersecurity champion.
  • Completes the security awareness training.
  • Subscribes to the IT Security Newsletter.
  • Encourages colleagues to complete the security awareness training.
  • Encourages colleagues to subscribe to the IT Security Newsletter.
  • Rewards colleagues who practice good cybersecurity behaviour with goodies.
  • Meets with the IT Security Training Analyst quarterly.
  • Shares ideas for promoting cybersecurity.
  • Supports the IT Security Training Analyst during Cyber Security Awareness Month.

How do you become a Cybersecurity Champion?

  1. Talk to your supervisor and get their permission.
  2. Complete the Cybersecurity Champion application.