IT Security

Cybersecurity Challenge


Gather draw entry codes and use them to enter into a draw for a $250.00 Best Buy gift certificate donated by Cisco Systems. Where do you find the codes?

  • IT Security Awareness Posters in staff and faculty common areas
  • IT Security Awareness slides displaying on TV screens around campus
  • IT Security Newsletter. There is a new code in the newsletter every week
  • Complete the Security Awareness online training course and receive a code with your certificate
  • Protecting yourself Against Cyber Crime workshop. Register through the Employee Training portal. All participants will be given a code at the end of class
  • Lock your screen and turn off your machine. Cybersecurity Champions will be giving stickers with entry codes to those who comply.
  • Attend the Cyber Safety Summit. There will be a new code given out at the end of each session.

There are 15 codes in all to collect. Check the website daily to see which department has the most entries. At the end of the month the department with the most entries will be awarded the soon to be coveted Golden Superhero award!!  

 Cybersecurity Challenge Leaderboard

Note: The departments listed are those that were put on entries. If you think some of them should be combined into one department, feel free to plead your case. The leaderboard will be updated accordingly.

Number of EntriesDepartment
194Building Operations
141Enrollment Services
93Information and Technology Services
85Recreation and Athletics
49Environmental Services
49Event & Theatre Services
30Marketing and Communications
29School of Nursing and Midwifery
29University Advancement
22Continuing Education
21Financial Services
20Development and Alumni Relations
18Career Services
17Child Studies and Social Work
13Office of Research, Scholarship and Community Engagement
12Environmental Health and Safety
11Facilities Management
9Credit Registration
9Residence Services
7General Education

Economics, Justice and Policy Studies

5Chemistry and Physics
5 Cont. Ed Registration
5Mathematics and Computing
5Student Learning Services
4Environmental Science
4Security Services
4Transitional Vocational Program
2Document Services
1Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Social Innovation
1Faculty of Health Community and Education
1Iniskim Centre