As per MRU Policy 1020 and PR-1020-1, individual clients or departments may not supply computers from an outside source for administrative use that is not approved by IT Services and purchased by Mount Royal University authorized purchasing agents, IT Services and Supply Chain Services.

Computer peripherals for campus administrative use may be outsourced for purchase, but dependent on the nature of the device, IT Services must be consulted prior to purchase to confirm that the device will not have an adverse impact on Mount Royal standard computing equipment and/or network infrastructure. The supervisor of Office Computing Services is consulted as IT Services point of contact for faculty and administrative department purchases. Specific purchases for academic labs would be referred to the Supervisor of Student Computing Services.  Please be aware that there is a restriction on  computer equipment procured on a department P-Card: P-Card Prohibited & Restricted Items

Personally owned computers and peripherals may not be used on campus in substitution of Mount Royal standard administrative computers and peripherals. All approved administrative related computing equipment should be budgeted for by the department for faculty and staff use. For visiting academic guests, part time instructors, and contractors, personal computer usage is covered by the following form: Application for Network Connectivity for Personal Computers; available from the IT Service Desk.

Mount Royal is not liable for personal computing equipment that is damaged while used on campus. However, any Mount Royal computer equipment damaged, as a result of direct connection with a clients personally owned computing equipment is the responsibility of the client and/or the client’s department.

As per MRU Policy 1010, all software purchased by Mount Royal is to be acquired by a single purchasing authority and installed solely on identified Mount Royal computer  assets.  No personal software is permitted for installation on Mount Royal assets and any Mount Royal software asset is not permitted for installation on personal computers.  IT Services monitors software installations on campus as required by Provincial audit compliance regulations.  

All licensing queries and requests for software purchase shall be directed to the IT Services license manager: