Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports

Flag Football

What is Intramural Sports? Intramural Sports is an organized recreational sport league program. Participants can join as a team or register as a Free Agent and be put on a team of other Free Agents with similar skill level and availability. When you play Intramural Sports, you’ll get the chance to try something new, make friends and play in a safe and fun environment.  Choose Your LeagueWant to play? Check out our registration instructions or visit our IMLeagues page for sport-specific descriptions, rules and regulations.

Fall Leagues
Badminton Ball Hockey Basketball Dodgeball
Flag Football Futsal Ice Hockey Volleyball
Who can play?
All MRU Students MRU Employees (18+) MRU Alumni (18+) Rec Members (18+) General Public (18+)
NOTE: Only MRU students and Recreation members can register for Free Agent spots and subs. Due to limited facility availability, some leagues may be restricted to Recreation members (continuous or annual). Memberships must remain current for the entire duration of the activity.

League Definitions - all skill levels welcome!
Intramural Sports will make every effort to accommodate the unique schedules and skill levels of all participants. Divisions may be combined if registration numbers are not high enough to create individual leagues.

Casual (beginner) Semi-competitive (intermediate) Competitive (advanced)
First-time participants or those who have had little-to-no previous experience with the sport and minimal (if any) understanding of sport rules. This league is for players who want to have fun, develop skills and meet like-minded individuals in a comfortable environment. Participants have varying levels of experience with sport and understanding of sports rules. This league should appeal to players looking for a semi-competitive environment with a focus on being social and having fun. Veteran (expert) participants or those who have a high-to-very high level of skill. A great way to continue your love of sport and stay active after you’ve retired from your high school or post-secondary teams. Being active while having fun is the ultimate goal.

Meet the Team The Intramural Student Program Coordinators (SPC) are responsible for the daily management of the Intramural Sports program. These students create schedules, assist with registration, train officials and ensure each league runs smoothly.

Want to join our team? Check out our employment opportunities page for positions currently available with Intramural Sports.
Who What How
Intramurals Office (U125) General Inquiries / 403.440.5917
Austin MacEachen Badminton
N/A Ball Hockey
Evan Kaake Basketball
Bolu Opeodu Dodgeball
N/A Flag Football
Louis Obukohwo Futsal
Brock Leavins Ice Hockey
Francesca Maestrello Volleyball

   Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about the Intramurals program? Check out our Intramurals Guidebook or refer to the frequently asked questions below.

Participants can register as a Team Captain, Team Player or Free Agent through ePlay, at the Customer Service Centre (U130) or by phone: 403.440.6517. Please visit the registration instructions page for more information.

Team Captains: register and reserve a spot for their team. Team Captains would then encourage their teammates to register as Team Players, noting their captains name in the registration.

Team Players: register and want to join a team captain's registered team. Team Players will be assigned to their team's captain's team after the registration deadline.

Free Agents: individuals who do not have enough members to create a full team and will be placed on a 'Free Agents' team with other students with similar skill levels and availability.
Yes. During registration, you will asked to include any individuals names who you want to play with.
IMLeagues is the scheduling and standings software service used to support the MRU Intramurals program. You can use IMLeagues to view schedules, message teams, review league rules, and much more. This program also comes with a free mobile app called ‘IMLeagues’.
Intramurals follows the same pricing structure for all leagues, with the exception of ice-hockey due to facility rental fees.

Students: $35 | Members: $55 | Non-Members: $85
All Intramural participants will be guaranteed seven regular season games plus playoffs. Participants should be expected to play approximately one game per week. Full schedules will be posted on IMLeagues after the registration deadline.
All MRU leagues range between casual (beginner), semi-competitive (intermediate) and competitive (advanced). Check out the skill level descriptions for more information. In some sports, leagues may need to be combined, depending on registration numbers.
Absolutely!. Participants who do not have enough players to create a full team can register as a ‘Free Agent’. These participants will be assigned to a Free Agent team composed of individuals who have similar availability and/or skill level. Once the registration deadline passes, the Intramural Student Program Coordinators will be in contact with you regarding next steps.

NOTE: Only MRU students and members can registered as a Free Agent.
MRU students, Recreation members (staff, faculty and alumni) and the general public over the age of 18 are welcome to participate in Intramural Sports. However, if you want to register as a Free Agent, you must be an MRU student or Recreation member; non-member public participants cannot register in order to reserve sufficient spots for our members.

NOTE: Only MRU students and members can register for Ice Hockey due to limited facility availability.
Anyone interested in working as an official, scorekeeper, or league coordinator should visit the employee opportunities page for more information.
Each league will accept registrations on an individual basis, based on league capacity. Individuals wanting to register after the registration deadline should contact the league-specific coordinator.
LeagueMax on Area of PlayDefault Minimum to Play
Ball Hockey4 (including goalie)3
Flag Football75
Futsal5 (including goalie)5
Ice Hockey6 (including goalie)5
Defaults occur if a team fails to appear or is not ready to play 10 minutes after the scheduled start time. A sportsmanship rating of 0 will be given to the defaulting team and the opposing team will be given a sportsmanship rating of 4. Two defaults by the same team may result in removal from the league.
Forfeits will be accepted 48 hours in advance of the scheduled game by contacting your league student program coordinator via email. This will give the league coordinators time to inform the opposing team and officials of the cancellation. Teams that forfeit will not be charged a default and be given a sportsmanship rating of 1.
Participants should be expected to bring their own athletic shoes, shoes/pants, and shirt. Pinnies will be provided for those sports that require them.

Ball Hockey: Participants must use the hockey sticks provided by MRU. CSA approved helmets must be worn at all times. MRU does have helmets to lend, but will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Players are expected to bring their own racquets. Racquets will be provided by MRU but will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Ice Hockey: Sticks, socks, pants, shin pads, shoulder pads, elbow pads, CSA approved helmet and full cage (no visors), gloves and jock/jill straps. MRU does not generally lend out ice hockey equipment.
Ice hockey games are played at Flames Community Arena. The address is 2390 – 47 Avenue SW.
Yes! MRU will run tournaments which may include badminton, beach volleyball, basketball, bubble soccer, spikeball, table tennis and more. Tournament info will be posted here as it becomes available.
The Intramural Student Program Coordinators (SPC) will be in contact with you via email regarding next steps after the registration deadline passes. Participants will need to create an account on IMLeagues if they haven’t already done so. The Intramural SPCs will assign you to your appropriate team, based on your registration. Participants will then need to complete an online participants quiz through IMLeagues prior to their first game.
Yes. Valid ID must be presented at every game to the officials/scorekeeper. You will not be eligible to play if you do not present your Campus Card or photo ID at every game; no exceptions.

NOTE: Non-Members will also check-in at the Recreation Customer Service Desk, but will do so using a bar code scanner. Non-members should bring a paper copy of their Intramural receipt or take a photo/screenshot of their bar code which can be scanned in order to gain facility access. Please ensure photo of bar code is clear with good lighting. Facility access cards will no longer be distributed.