Mental Health Nurse

Mental Health Nurse

University is a time of excitement, growth and learning. It can also be a time of transition as students face new responsibilities and challenges. Occasionally you may face difficulties that put your academic and personal success at risk.

When difficulties arise, MRU students have access to the support of a caring community to help get them back on track. Many campus resources including Counseling Services, Peer Support & Accessibility Services currently support you. You have access to a Mental Health Nurse, a new service, that can further aid you in navigating the challenges & difficulties of mental health/addictions.

With early recognition, mental health/addiction concerns can be identified sooner and in a coordinated way. By reaching out to the Mental Health Nurse in Health Services, a student can be connected with the right resource and support within MRU as well as in the community.Assistance

The Mental Health Nurse can assist you with difficulties in the following areas:
(Not limited to only these areas)

Referrals to resources within MRU and out in the community (financial, health, food, counseling) and more.
Addictions (Alcohol, drugs, gaming, gambling)
Domestic Violence
Mental Health         
    Personality Disorder
Stress (anything causing you stress and worry)
Self-harm & Suicidal thoughts