Wellness Services at Mount Royal University
Wellness Services at Mount Royal University

Optimal Therapies

Welcome to Optimal Therapies' wellness clinic! We invite you to browse our website to learn about our services, fees & coverage and the health care practitioners who will work with you to take care of your injury rehabilitation and wellness needs. We also invite you to read about wellness strategies our features section.

What is Optimal Therapies?

Optimal Therapies is a comprehensive inter-disciplinary injury rehabilitation and wellness clinic located within the EnCana Wellness Centre (U216) at Mount Royal University.  Optimal Therapies promotes wellness by creating a positive client experience for you with our team of health care professional.  Our services includes; chiropractic care, physiotherapy, athletic therapy, registered massage therapy, the building of orthotics, energy balancing and acupuncture with a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  

The clinic was originally conceived and developed as a vision to provide our Mount Royal's athletic therapy students with an inter-disciplinary and educational setting to practice their skills by contributing to the care of the injured Cougar Athletics varsity athletes.  Our services have expanded over time to meet the needs and wellness interests of the university and surrounding community. Our clinic is open to students, employees, alumni and the general public.

In keeping with a philosophy of health and wellness, the direction of the clinic has been influenced by Mount Royal’s Integrative Health Institute. As a result, the clinic continues to explore and expand its horizons by offering holistic complimentary and alternative medicines to the community.

Optimal Therapies' PodCASTs

Our team of health care practitioners offer education through our many  wellness PodCASTs. These PodCASTs feature practical strategies to help you manage recent or chronic injuries and learn about wellness related topics. Click here to view the PodCAST directory.