Career Planning Self Assessment

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  Yes No
  1. Readiness
    • I do not have the time and energy to dedicate to this career planning process right now
    • I feel pressured to be or do a certain thing
    • I believe I have barriers that will impact or hinder my career plans
    • I am currently feeling overwhelmed by problems in my life
    • I am not confident that I can achieve a successful and satisfying career

NB: If you answered "YES" to a number of these questions, we would suggest you make an appointment for Personal Counselling before Career Counselling.

  1. Self-awareness
    • Can you identify your work values?
    • Can you identify your occupational interests?
    • Can you identify your personal qualities?
    • Have you identified your achievements in your work or volunteer experiences?
    • Can you picture where you want to be in the future (e.g. lifestyle and income in 10 years)?
  1. Occupational options
    • Do you need to know more about the world of work?
    • Do you need more information about a specific occupation?
    • Do you know where to find information about specific occupations?
    • Do you know enough about the actual job duties performed in various occupations?
  1. Educational options
    • Do you know how long you are willing to be in school?
    • Are you willing to relocate to get training?
    • Have you considered how you are going to finance your education?
    • Do you know which institutions offer programs in the areas you are interested in?
    • Do you know what the entrance requirements are in those programs?
  1. Deciding & action planning
    • Do you know how to choose between several career options?
    • Can you state what career you have chosen?
    • Do you know how to set goals and formulate a plan of action?
    • If you have to work part-time to finance your program, will you be able to manage your time and still do well academically?
    • Do you have a back-up choice in case your first career choice is not attainable?

If your assessment indicates that you need to do some career planning and you are a registered student at Mount Royal then you should contact the Counselling Centre to make a career appointment. The counsellors will offer you a structure and a process that will take you through all stages of career exploration.