Career counselling

A free service offered by Student Counselling Services to any registered, attending student of Mount Royal.

Our Vision
Our goal in Counselling is to help you evaluate your career and life interests as well as taking into consideration other important factors like aptitudes, motivations and personal circumstances. There are many personal and family matters that may significantly impact upon your decisions relating to you career path. They are very important. Feel free to call to set up appointment times to discuss these issues. We want you to be the best you can be.

Our Promise
We will offer you a structure and a process that will take you through all stages of career exploration. As professionals, we are here to assist you in making the choices that will be beneficial to you.

Career exploration
There are many useful links that are may help with your career search.

Test interpretation
The counsellor may recommend career tests to help with your search. If tests are written, then test interpretations are conducted in small groups approximately two weeks after the completion of the tests. The group interpretation is more time efficient for both the students and the counsellors. Once you have attended the group session you are encouraged to set up an appointment with a Counsellor to continue your career exploration.

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Beyond career exploration at Student Counselling Services comes the task of researching job opportunities, writing a resume, searching for a job, finding volunteer opportunities, discovering the Co-op learning experience. Career Services provides assistance with these tasks. Their telephone number is 403.440.6307.


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Student Counselling Services offers a variety of workshops that are beneficial to students.
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