Setting Your Priorities

To manage your time in college, you must first set priorities. Certain activities should take priority over all others and determine the way you live. The decision to attend college is a commitment to being a professional student for an extended period of time.

As a student you must identify your priorities and develop a system for living each day accordingly.

What are your priorities? Managing your time begins with an honest appraisal of what you want to do with it:

Rank Order   Estimated Hours

Actual Hours


Class attendance

  Volunteer Service    
  Time with Family    
  Required Reading    
  Hobbies or Entertainment    
  Time with Girlfriend/Boyfriend    
  Working at a Job    
  Religious Activities    
  Non-Required Reading    

Monitor the actual amount of time you spend at each pursuit over the course of one week. Compare your estimates with the actual figures. How are your current practices likely to affect your college success?

(Taken from Your College Experience: Strategies for Success Authors Gardner & Jewler, 1992, p. 27 & 28)