Personal counselling

Personal and Crisis: What is the difference?

Personal therapy and counselling is available to work through any psychological barriers that may be getting in the way of your academic success (e.g. issues of depression, anxiety, trauma, suicidal thoughts, home sickness, relationship issues or grief).

Crisis intervention is available during times of extreme stress or trauma, including support following an assault, a death, or during times of suicidal thoughts or behaviours. 

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The psychologists on staff with Student Counselling are available to help you work through personal issues such as:

Post-traumatic stress
Family issues
Relationship issues
Eating disorders
Other psychological barriers that may be getting in the way.

Our counsellors are available by appointment. Priority is given to crisis situations. If you require immediate assistance there is a 24 hour crisis line available through the
Distress Centre403.266.4357 (403-266-HELP)

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If you have medical concerns, Health Services provides nursing and medical care.

The Office of Campus Equity & Meaningful Inclusion provides expertise to Mount Royal students and employees to resolve complaints related to the Mount Royal Human Rights Policy.


Bipolar Disorder

Compulsive Gambling

Creating Healthy Boundaries – White Paper

Student Counselling Services offers a variety of workshops that are beneficial to students.
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