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MRU students are invited to anonymously submit questions related to personal, educational, or career concerns. Each week, an MRU counsellor will select a question, give a response, and post that entry. Previous posts can be viewed using the themed folders in the side bar.


This site is for students and employees at post-secondary institutions and anyone else who is interested in understanding the experience of AD/HD.  Our aim is provide easier access to information specifically relevant to academic success for adult students who have been diagnosed with, or are questioning a diagnosis of, AD/HD.  We offer basic information on typical AD/HD challenges in a post-secondary context, and ideas about how to live well with AD/HD.

What's App Doc?

As a person who is interested in the well-being, resilience, and technology, I created the blog "What's App Doc?" It's a blog that merges these interests together! This blog is for students, staff or faculty at MRU who are interested in technology, specifically phone apps, that can help to  broaden and build resources to enhance all aspects of your well-being.  So, take some time to review the blog, play a bit with them, and along the way I hope that you create additional skills and supports.