Workshops & Events

Student Counselling Services offers a variety of free workshops throughout the Fall and Winter semesters for Mount Royal students.

All workshops require pre-registration.

You can register for any of the workshops in person (U216Student Counselling Services, Wellness Services), or by calling Student Counselling Services (403.440.6362). You may also register online.  Please include your full name, student number, telephone number and the name and date of the workshop or workshops. 


Personal Workshops and Weekly Groups – Winter 2018

Please register online or call 403.440.6362. Last minute registrations still welcome. View our workshop brochure or scroll through the calendars below.

All Personal Workshops are held in Room U216.



Career Passion Workshops – Winter 2018

All Career Passion Workshops are held in Room EB1102.


Student Success Groups: six to eight sessions

  Please sign up and respond to the Doodle Poll we will send out to identify meeting times that work for you.
General: Set a goal, learn how to achieve it, get support.
Themed groups: Physical wellness: Learn how physical health supports mental wellness; group members offer support in setting and realizing goals around physical health.
  Managing anxiety and worry: Learn the steps to overcome anxiety, get support, and track your progress.
  Parent support: Meet other students who are parents, share strategies, get support for accomplishing your goals.
  Resilience and mental health: Learn about emotion regulation and practices that maximize mental health; group members offer support in setting and realizing goals around mental health.
  Career exploration and decision making: After attending Career Passion workshop, get support to follow through on next steps.


High Functioning Autism Support Group (A-Team)

As per current website description. Please register by calling 403.440.6362 or drop by the Counselling front desk in U216.

Procrastination and Time Management

Learn what gets in your way of doing what you need to do, and find ways to counter these barriers.

  • Time Management
  • Setting Priorities
  • Fostering positive self talk 
  • Perfectionism

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Managing Stress and Improving CopingFeeling Stressed? Overwhelmed? Like you've got too much to do and too little time? Like you don't have time to come to a drop-in session? This session is form you. Drop-in (without an appointment) and join us for a power hour focused on the best evidence-based approaches for:

  • Coping with your demands
  • Feeling better about yourself, less stressed, calmer and like you are back in the game
  • Possibly, a better night's sleep

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Managing Anxiety and Worry Gain basic information about uncontrolled worries and anxious feelings and learn about strategies for coping.

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MindfulnessHave you ever wanted to be able to learn how to manage the innate stress that comes with being a student? Do you ever find yourself wishing you could focus your attention more effectively or quiet a busy mind? Have you heard about mindfulness and want more information about how to apply it in daily life? This workshop is a one hour introduction to mindfulness: the benefits, the challenges, and the practice. Students will learn about the concept of mindfulness and be introduced to several practices. No prior experience or knowledge required.

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ABZzzs of Sleep

Trouble getting a good night's sleep? Attend this workshop to understand more about your body's sleep cycle and learn strategies for getting the rest you need to learn and feel well.

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Happiness and ResilienceExplore your personal meaning of happiness and learn skills to enhance your mood and perspective.

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Career Passion In this three-hour session, you'll learn about making effective career decisions including choosing a major and finding the right occupation for you. You'll complete a variety of self-assessment exercises and develop a plan for discovering passion-based career possibilities. What are you waiting for? Register now to “Find your Career Passion.”

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Student Success Groups

Become part of a Student Success Team. We will be creating groups of six students for an eight-week program to identify goals, set up a plan, and provide mutual on-going support. Call or present at the front desk at U216 and ask to be put on the Student Success list. We will establish dates and times when we know what will work for interested participants.

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High Functioning Autism Support GroupMeet and talk with students who also have Asperger's and High Functioning Autism.
Topics Include:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Social skills for developing friendships and relationships
  • Managing anxiety
  • Strategies and resources to improve academic success

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