Help to Quit

Help to quit

You’ve heard of the dangers of tobacco and why you should quit smoking. The first step on your journey to a tobacco free life is a big one, but there are many health benefits and many resources to help you along the way.

Here’s how Health Services can help make quitting easier:

Contact Health Services at 403.440.6326 to speak to a professional that will discuss with you useful methods to make quitting easier.

Visit Alberta Quits . It’s an excellent resource that includes a free, anonymous online support system to help you quit.

Sign up for Health Canada’s E-Quit . It will e-mail you daily messages of support while you quit.

Set a quit date in advance. Tell your friends and family so they can support you.

Throw away all your tobacco products. Don’t keep any lying around.

Keep track of why, when, and with who you use tobacco. Is there a pattern? Perhaps certain people or places are strong motivators for you to smoke. Try avoiding them for a while. Gain confidence in your strength. Then return and show off your tobacco-free self.

Drink lots of water.

Don’t get discouraged. It’s tough to quit, but you can do it!

If you are struggling with quitting and you need someone to talk to, call Student Counselling Services (403.440.6362) and make a free appointment with a counsellor. Or call AHS AlbertaQuits Helpline at 1-866-710-7848. It’s also toll-free and confidential.

Reward yourself. Celebrate the end of the first day, the first week or the first month. Treat yourself to something special, like a special dinner or that movie you’ve been wanting to see.