Calgary Connector Program

What is the Calgary Connector Program?

The Calgary Connector Program is a simple yet highly effective networking program that helps local businesses and organizations connect with recent graduates who are interested in building their network and starting their careers in Calgary.

How it works

MatchThe Connector Program matches graduates and emerging talent with local business and community leaders based on industry experience, professional backgrounds or the participant's interest in a specific organization.
ConnectThe Connector and Connectee meet for an hour to discuss things like trends in the industry, skills and areas of expertise, industry-related news, current market demands, and hidden job opportunities in Calgary.
ReferConnectors are asked to refer the Connectee to up to three relevant connections in their network, and then each of these people are asked to refer the Connectee to up to three more.

 Who are Connectees?

Connectees are recent graduates who:

  • have completed post-secondary education a minimum of five months ago;
  • have less than five years of work experience in their field;
  • are actively pursuing their job search; and
  • are unemployed or underemployed.

For more information, including frequently asked questions, visit or email